LCD TV leads the 2010 LED backlight application surge

In 2010, LEDs in the backlight application market grew bright, especially in the LCD TV industry, and became the most important source of growth for LED backlight applications. IMS Research estimates that the demand for LED backlight applications will remain quite strong in the next two years, but since 2013, the growth will tend to be moderate; and by 2015, the output value of the LED lighting market is expected to exceed the output value of the LED LCD TV market. The largest application project.

In terms of market penetration, the proportion of LEDs in LCD TV applications has increased from 3% in 2009 to 22% in 2010; penetration in the notebook market has increased from 46% to 89%; The display sector has climbed from 2% to 12%. According to IMS Research, the demand for LED chips for backlight applications will reach 100 billion in 2015, and the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) between 2011 and 2015 will be as high as 30%.

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