LED light source DLP splicing unit four core advantages analysis

As a new powerful technology for large-screen video, LED light source DLP splicing products have always been one of the key industry innovations in the industry. The use of secondary era light source LED technology is not only a simple change of light source technology, but also fundamentally changes the practical performance of DLP splicing products, and even creates many new application modes. Then, what kind of unexpected new surprises will the LED light source DLP splicing new products bring to the industry customers?
Lower system cost of ownership
The first significant change in the use of LED light sources in DLP videowall products is a significant reduction in user cost. Although the adoption of LED technology will increase the initial investment in DLP splicing wall engineering by 30%, the LED light source will reach 60,000 hours of life, which is equivalent to about 20 times that of traditional mercury lamps. In other words, the customer will save at least 20 bulb replacement costs during the life of the DLP video wall. This cost is not only enough to offset the increase in the cost of DLP splicing units caused by LED technology, but also to save a lot of money.
Another feature of LED light source technology is the independent illumination of the three primary colors. This eliminates the need for conventional color wheel splitting devices for DLP projection systems. As a mechanically operated product, the frequency of maintenance and replacement of the color wheel is also an important part of the cost of the customer. Although the color wheel assembly is not a consumable of the core of the DLP splicing wall, the economics of the LED light source without the color wheel cannot be ignored.
The long-life LED light source also greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of the DLP splicing wall. The annual maintenance quantity can be reduced by at least 50%. This will also serve as an important “saving money” node and become one of the important added value for customers to purchase LED light source products. In addition, as an efficient light source product, LEDs will also bring higher luminous efficiency and higher light utilization efficiency, thus reflecting another part of the "low cost" feature of saving electricity.
Higher system reliability
The LED light source product itself is a solid-state cold light source product. Its high efficiency, low heat, and solid form are less likely to be accidentally damaged. The traditional mercury light source has the same fragility as ordinary light bulbs. Its high temperature during high-light operation is also more likely to be damaged, burned or burst due to unexpected conditions. The solid-state illumination of the LED light source significantly increases the stability of the light source itself.
Unlike traditional mercury lamp products, the LED source is driven by a low voltage DC pulse. The power supply part does not contain high-voltage and high-current components, and the power supply life and stability are more controllable. Combined with the natural light of the three primary colors of the LED light source, the mechanical color wheel assembly is not required to be split, so that the LED light source part has stability beyond the traditional mercury lamp in three aspects of power supply, control and splitting.
The three primary colors of the LED light source work independently, so that even if a "bulb" fails, the whole machine can still display the picture in the state of lack of color. This is in stark contrast to the traditional single-lamp DLP splicing unit that does not work once the bulb is burned out. The characteristics of the lack of color display, so that once the light source unexpectedly appears, the LED light source can minimize the loss of the customer to the utmost, or even no loss. Compared with the simple single-lamp DLP splicing unit, the LED light source product is more reliable than the dual-lamp backup system.
Green and low carbon
LED light source technology is a famous green technology. The characteristics of its semiconductor process make it easier to control toxic metals. Unlike traditional mercury lamps, it is likely to cause leakage of toxic elements in internal mercury lamps. As a semiconductor component, the LED light source can also be recycled and reused, in which important metal elements can be re-used in the smelting process.
In addition, LED light source products are also high luminous efficiency light source products.
It has lower energy consumption under the same brightness conditions. Not only that, the LED light source uses digital pulse mode to emit light, and the three primary colors are independent. Only when the DLP light valve chip DMD needs a certain color light, the LED light source works. This is in stark contrast to the continuous ignition of traditional mercury lamps. The LED light source does not work continuously. It only has the characteristics of valuable light when needed, and it can better meet the needs of future economic development for low-carbon environmental protection.
Bright colors make the picture more beautiful
The LED light source is a typical wide color gamut light source, and its color effect far exceeds that of traditional mercury lamp products. At the same time, it does not require the extra filtering of the color wheel, and it can also ensure that the entire DLP optomechanical system can accurately restore excellent color. Juyang LED light source DLP splicing products also have a 100% EBU color gamut, meeting European broadcast standards. At the same time, with the independent adjustment technology of seven basic colors of R, G, B, C, M, Y, W, the various mixed colors and detailed colors are more vivid and beautiful.
Another feature of the LED light source, the all-digital working mode makes the LED light source DLP splicing products all turn off when the black screen is projected. When the red screen is projected, the blue and green light sources are all turned off... This feature makes the color training of the product more For accuracy, especially the contrast, depth of depth performance has been greatly improved.

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