LED lighting to the quality or sales?

LED lighting to the quality or sales?

In the past two years, with the rapid development of the LED industry and the continuous expansion of the market, LED products have gained deep popularity. However, problems such as quality and price have also emerged. As a distributor, it is a dilemma for quality and sales. For this reason, the reporter interviewed Guo Faping, Op Lighting Manager of Taiyuan City.

Guo Faping has been operating lighting in modern lighting cities for more than eight or nine years. He currently represents Op lighting products. Guo Faping told reporters: "As the public continue to improve the awareness of LED, now consumers will be specified to enter the store to LED products, but many consumers do not understand LED products, so when choosing products, will also choose Lower-priced products.At present, the price of a 3W bulb in my shop is 20 or 30 yuan, but it is still ten or even a few in the Taiyuan market. Obviously, there is no quality assurance for such a product."

Guo Faping said: "The current low-cost products flood the market and completely mislead consumers. Therefore, the LED market is not doing well now, and it is not as loud as it is outside."

Faced with the lukewarm mid-to-high end market, as well as rising rents, it is the quality or sales that will be a dilemma for the distributors in Taiyuan. However, Guo Faping stressed that he still insists on quality first. Although many consumers nowadays are pursuing low-cost products, the products with unsure quality will be very troublesome after they are sold, especially in the after-sales. And that will also lick your own brand.

However, when the reporter asked how to break through the current predicament of quality and sales, Guo Faping also expressed helplessness. He said he can only wait for the market to mature and gradually change the status quo.

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