Let young people "kick up", InFocus InFocus 50-inch LCD TV evaluation

Returning to the Chinese market, InFocus InFocus has given us the answer by “turning on the TV is the scene” and launched the 32/40/50 inch three products in one fell swoop. The highly cost-effective price also clearly targeted the target group. , Its products also from video and audio functions to film and music content, to create a more close to the scene of the pain point of young people, inspire young people to resonate. For the InFocus InFocus TV is recommended for young people what are the tricks? To this end, we have a deep experience in the InFocus InFocus TV 50 inches new 50IU170, in the end it is good, we see for sure. · Young people like the appearance: ultra-thin, minimalist, ultra-thin, very narrow, is nowadays the most popular LCD TV design. InFocus InFocus 50IU170's integrated simple design also created a stylish slim appearance, not only the thinnest part of the fuselage is only 9.9mm, and the screen is a narrow frame design, allowing users to watch TV when their vision is no longer by the frame Bondage. In addition, the InFocus InFocus 50IU170 design has more nuances and ingenuity. InFocus InFocus 50IU170 base design is very particular about its wingspan stent like wings, and the use of integrated injection molding process, there is no split slot, giving the machine a more solid, strong sense of power. On the left side of the bottom of the fuselage, you can see the "JBL" logo. JBL has become synonymous with innocence and perfect sound quality, and is the preferred brand for many audiophiles. The 50IU170 created for young people also has a professional-grade JBL enthusiast sound set on the bottom of the TV. It is composed of multiple high/woofer speakers and has JBL "Golden Ear" certified professional sound level. Later, we will also conduct detailed tests on various voice expressions of 50IU170. InFocus InFocus 50IU170 back design concise and refined, texture pattern texture design with a metal stamping the United States back, the interface part is set in the right side of the groove, whether seated or wall mounted, are convenient for users to connect a variety of devices. The interface part, InFocus InFocus 50IU170 is equipped with two USB interfaces, two HDMI interfaces, network ports, antennas, headphones, optical fiber and other interfaces, common users can meet the common needs. The InFocus InFocus 50IU170 equipped with a remote controller is also a very popular minimalist design nowadays, with only 16 buttons, the user will soon be familiar with, easy to blind. · The young man's favorite intelligence: Simple, fast becoming a favorite television for young people, intelligence is indispensable. First of all, in terms of configuration, we can see InFocus InFocus 50IU170 CPU equipped with Mstar's 64-bit TV processing chip 6A638, which is a dual-core 64-bit processor based on the ARM Cortex-A53 architecture, clocked at 1.5GHz. The GPU graphics processor uses a Mali-T720 MP2 dual-core processor. At the same time, it has 1GB RAM and 8GB eMMC high-speed flash memory. It is equipped with the new Blocks UI 1.0 smart operating system, which can smoothly play high-definition video and experience rich application pleasure. The InFocus InFocus 50IU170 is equipped with a new Blocks UI 1.0 system. By using the waterfall stream to slide from top to bottom, you can quickly see the related functions and recommended contents of the 50IU170. It is simple and straightforward. In terms of video content, InFocus InFocus application Galaxy Kiwi service, high-quality film source, to win by volume, covering 36 channels in the four major libraries, only one level of the head page has nearly 200 items of boutique recommendations, in Films, TV dramas, variety shows, and children's channels are divided into different categories, including the latest cinematic movies, early childhood education, and American dramas. From the currently available movies and TV series content, we can see that InFocus InFocus 50IU170 currently has 2,664 TV shows, 9023 movies, 2129 variety shows, 6143 documentaries, and anime, 12,910, such as the latest "War Wolf 2" and "Fighting Ground "," "Trump's visit to China special series" can be seen first. If you really do not know what to look at, then you can InFocus InFocus 50IU170 television rankings, there are many popular movies / TV series / variety and other rankings, popular film and television control. In addition, when watching online video content, we can also choose HD, ultra-clear, and blue light video quality according to the speed of our home network. Under the 30M bandwidth, there is no stalling. • The quality that young people like: Delicate, true For a television, the picture quality is always the core. Many friends may not know that more than 120 of the Fortune 500 companies are using InFocus products and technical support. As of now, InFocus already has more than 240 patented technologies and has sufficient voice in the field of large-screen display. And InFocus InFocus has a panel manufacturing foundation, so it can get a better, cheaper, higher quality LCD TV screen, and ultimately will lower the cost and still have high-quality TV. InFocus InFocus 50IU170 is also the most popular 4K TV nowadays. In the testing process, we first look at the playback effect of 50IU170 through three test charts: resolution, level reduction and color performance. In the resolution test chart, the smallest line of text is clear and sharp, and the bottom black line area, the highest value of 28 can be carefully identified, which is relatively rare in the ordinary 4K TV. The InFocus InFocus 50IU170 level reduction ability is also very good, we can see that even the 64th level can be clearly identified. In the color image test, by observing the detailed real shots, we can see that InFocus InFocus 50IU170 color blocks can be clearly identified, without the order of the order, jumping. In addition to the test chart, the actual expression of the screen is of course equally important. We also play several 4K and online videos. Let's take a look at the screen effect: First of all, we come to a "Brazil" test piece with a bit stream from 2M to 120M, and the InFocus InFocus 50IU170 can play smoothly. The European beauty's blue-eyed 4K playback screen can see the eyelashes, the internal details of the eyes, and the surrounding skin are all too clear. "Black into a" leather texture can be easily identified. After watching the 4K demo, we will come back to a very popular reality show "Beautiful House", and its screen effect will not lose HD set-top box broadcast. Wu Yanzu, Feng Delun, Yi Yi, Tang Yixuan, Huang Rende, Pan Yucheng so many handsome guys in the temptation of the little robot in the end what is the end. Then the question is, in the end is Wu Yanshuai handsome, or Feng Delun handsome? · Young people like sound quality: good voice, will not be introduced in the appearance of the InFocus InFocus 50IU170, JBL logo is very conspicuous, it also seems to herald a unique performance of 50IU170 in terms of sound quality, below we also passed several sound scenes To test, listen to songs, play songs, and play comics. Our living room environment is about 25 square meters, when the volume is set at 14-15 (100 files in total), it can effectively cover 90% of the space in a quiet environment, and continue to increase the volume, reaching 50 or so did not appear The irritability of the sound, which shows that the InFocus InFocus 50IU170 is still in place in the sound control. In addition, the InFocus InFocus 50IU170 midrange vocals benefited from JBL's “Golden Ears”, which is also very prominent. Especially in some folk works, the vocal performance is particularly good, and the guitar with the background can well show Musician's emotional expression. Written in the Final: Building Good Television for Young People, InFocus InFocus is Serious For young people, turning on the TV is no longer a simple process of watching a given TV show, but can always be a dance with friends listening to music. Sing a few songs, play a few games, watch a game, if you want to be on the scene regardless of what kind of scene, then in the music, entertainment, film and other scenes to create a sense of hard work, InFocus InFocus TV equipped 4K ultra-high-definition LCD screen, JBL audio, depth adaptation of Galaxy Kiwi and K songs, music and other popular applications, so that young people turn on the TV to enjoy the cool play scene anytime, anywhere, inspire resonance. Finally, I would also like to introduce InFocus InFocus, a brand established in the United States in 1986 that focuses on the research of human audiovisual experience. More than 120 of the Fortune 500 companies are using InFocus products. InFocus InFocus entered the Chinese market in 2013. Due to high brand strategy in China at the time, it met Waterloo. In the following four years, InFocus has never stopped the research of human audiovisual experience. Now it has three new products. Re-entering the Chinese TV market aims to bring more choices for young Chinese consumers, more diversified on-site experiences, and cost-effective young lifestyles.