Matrix Fights Releases VR Action Fighting "Space Time Dragon Warfare"

Archiact, a developer and publisher of VR games, announced today that it has teamed up with Action Games’s development team, Disktech, to launch the first VR action fighting game "Spacetime Dragon Warfare" on Matrix.

Matrix is ​​a flagship brand created by Archiact for the offline virtual reality gaming experience, with an immersive multiplayer interactive experience as the core. Matrix Bucket uses advanced hardware and interactive equipment to carry game content customized by the game team to provide users with cutting edge virtual reality gaming experience.

Pandutech is a leading developer of action games in China. It uses the top 3D engine Unreal 4 to develop VR games. The original action game “Sword No Life” produced by the core members of the team has won numerous awards at home and abroad, including the Best Independent Game Award of the Tokyo Game Show, the annual selection of the Apple Store Dual Platform, and the CGDC Best Mobile Game Production Award.

"Time and Space Dragon Warfare" is a VR masterpiece developed by the 3D Engine Unreal 4, and players will traverse the magnificent ancient Egyptian "Dragon Worship Altar", using swords and magic against Pharaoh's curse and dragon! This will be a The fierce battle between the Warriors and the Dragons! The first real VR fight!

Joining the double-professional design "Spacetime Dragon Warfare" allows players to select characters in "Warrior" and "Mage" to support dual players in the same game! Soldiers can not only freely use swords and shields to fight close to dragons, but also control the time. , And take advantage of the time to freeze and create more damage to Dragons!

In addition to activating the wand to attack dragons, the mage can also move space and use spells to randomly move monsters and bullets!

This will be a VR fighting masterpiece, players can fight with the fierce and slightly second-rate Raptors close combat, you can also fight against the raging soldiers from the sky, feel the immersive super realistic experience!

This is a magical world of swords and magic! The grand plots and scenes allow players to instantly traverse to the mysterious ancient Egypt! Fantastic swords and magic, let players feel the most amazing virtual reality experience!

"Time and Space Dragon Warfare" has created a new model for double collaboration! The game supports two players fighting against each other with the "Warrior" and "Mage" careers, which will fill the gaps in the offline double VR game!

"Spacetime Dragon Warfare" has now landed on the Matrix Vive Gemini platform that Archiact collaborated with the super captain and can't wait to experience the fantasy masterpiece "Spacetime Dragon Warfare". The best is to create a Matrix bucket dedicated to the offline virtual reality gaming experience. Array!


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