Millet TV 4 domestic debut! 4K/no border/ultra thin

At the CES exhibition, Xiaomi debuted a new generation of TV-TV4, the most technologically-friendly TV in history.
Xiaomi said that it uses LED display, the thinnest part of the body is only 4.9mm. With the ultra-narrow frame design, the screen resolution is as high as 4K, and the base adopts a transparent stealth design. The overall visual effect is very good.
However, millet did not announce the specific configuration of the millet TV 4, but said it has 65 inches, 55 inches and 49 inches in three sizes, of which the 65-inch version is still a split design, and provides Dolby panoramic sound version optional .
In terms of price, the most expensive millet TV 4 65-inch Dolby Sound Home Theater version will be priced within $ 2,000, which is less than $ 13,700.
According to Xiaomi TV's official Weibo news, Xiaomi TV 4 has officially made its debut in China. Does this mean that its release time is near?

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