Molex Introduces Micro-SIM Card Socket for Ultra-Small Consumer Electronics

Molex has announced two push-pull 6- and 8-way micro-SIM card sockets developed for portable communication devices such as ultra-thin smartphones, tablets, GSM/UMTS modems and PC cards. The Molex78727 series has a height of 1.40 mm with a detection switch; the 78646 series has a height of 1.45 mm without a detection switch.

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An outstanding feature of Molex's micro-SIM card sockets is the built-in short-circuit proof design. The 78646 Series sockets feature a housing design that limits the lateral movement of the SIM card after insertion to prevent short circuits. The 78727 series socket raises the plastic wall to form a contact-proof barrier that isolates the inserted SIM card from the metal housing of the socket.


The 78727 series socket has a card position deflection feature that prevents the micro-SIM card from being inserted in the wrong direction. This series of sockets also has a detection switch that detects when the card is fully inserted. The 78646 Series sockets have a chamfered edge marking to help correct the micro-SIM card insertion direction.

Jason Foo, senior product marketing engineer at Molex's Commercial Products Division, said: "The consumer space continues to require smaller communications devices, including smartphones and tablets, and the micro-SIM specification is part of this design evolution. The new micro-SIM series offers The optimized value-added socket solution has a rich and advanced design, including short-circuit proof, detection switch and card position bias to ensure the correct insertion of the SIM card. The anti-user mis-insertion features of these socket products are built-in."

The round terminals of the two socket series provide excellent electrical contact performance, while the step-by-step reverse terminal design enables smooth card insertion and card ejection. In the two socket series, each socket has a total of 14 solder joints for a firm PCB crimp.

Both the 78646 and 78727 series sockets feature an LCP housing that withstands high temperatures and has a wide "finger" area for push-pull operation of the SIM card. The new socket is compliant with RoHS and ELV directives.

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