Movidius and Toshiba Electronics Europe launch 3D system solutions

21ic News Movidius has announced that it has partnered with Toshiba Electronics Europe to develop a complete 3D system solution for the smartphone market.

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Movidius' MA1178 has been combined with Toshiba's 8 megapixel extended depth of field (EDOF) camera to ensure that manufacturers of 3D camera modules develop an irresistible 3D imaging solution that is perfect for high-end applications. smart phone. From the perspective of 3D synchronization, EDOF cameras have the advantage that traditional autofocus cameras cannot match.

Movidius's MA1178 dual ISP and video processor chip seamlessly integrates into the phone's existing platform with automatic calibration and configuration to simplify the design process and reduce manufacturing costs. Toshiba's 8 megapixel EDOF camera combined with the Movidius MA1178 brings a perfect focus fit to stereo images, resulting in superb 3D image quality. This system solution provides customers with the flexibility to implement two 8-megapixel EDOF cameras, or a combination of 8 megapixels and a 3 megapixel EDOF camera.

In the highly competitive mobile phone market, high-quality 3D imaging capabilities offer portable product manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate their products from their competitors' products, providing end users with the highest quality HD 3D experience and enjoyment. .

"Movidius' Myriad 3D solution delivers multimedia performance that exceeds the performance of any other company in the portable 3D market," commented Shiro Ando, ​​vice president of Toshiba Electronics Europe. "Movidius's leading 3D imaging capabilities complement the high performance of Toshiba's EDOF cameras, enabling handset manufacturers to meet their customers' requirements for a superb portable 3D experience. At the same time, they use software to correct distortions to simplify the manufacturing process, while not in production. Need laser adjustment again."

"The Movidius team is encouraged to work with Toshiba to develop this leading 3D solution," commented Sean Mitchell, CEO of Movidius. “In the highly competitive mobile phone market, customers who are always looking to differentiate their products will benefit from Movidius’ innovative, best-quality 3D imaging solutions and Toshiba’s leading EDOF camera supply in the mobile phone market. The global leadership of the business."

Movidius will showcase its MA1178 products and their 3D system solutions at the 2012 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) in Barcelona at the end of this month.

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