NBA open single game VR live broadcast purchase price of about 48 yuan per game

NBA open single game VR live broadcast to buy about 48 yuan per game from Baidu VR

According to foreign media reports, starting from February 23, the NBA will open a single game VR (virtual reality) live broadcast game purchases, and the on-demand price for each VR live broadcast is $6.99 (approximately RMB 48).

NBA open single game VR live broadcast purchase price of about 48 yuan per game

Since October 2016, the NBA has teamed up with NextVR to test live VR broadcasts, but only for LEAGUE PASS subscribers. Today any fan can pay to watch live VR games.

Experienced VR live NBA evaluation of foreign media said, "I'm very close, there are many times I even feel that I can reach out and touch Ginobili.", "In addition to my short-term several network problems, the whole The game was very lively."

During the NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans from February 19th to 20th, fans can experience all-star Saturday night highlights produced by VR technology, including three major events: Skills Challenge, Three Point Race and Slam dunk contest. On February 20 Next VR will broadcast the 66th NBA All-Star Game.

In addition, the NFL (National Football League), the most popular professional league in the United States, is also preparing to conduct live VR. The NextVR CEO said: "I believe we are ready next season."

Currently NextVR supports Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, users need to download NextVR's APP to watch on their mobile phones.

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