NetEase Establishes AI Division: More Focus on Technology and Scene Applications

(Original title: NetEase Artificial Intelligence Division exposure: It will not focus on basic research, more practical application) Netease (Nasdaq: NTES) has also quietly made a number of artificial intelligence products, and a number of technologies have begun to gradually commercialization. The cooperation partners include the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation of the United States, as well as a number of home and abroad appliance brands and furniture brands. Listed company. Through NetEase insights, the “special-shaped” virtual body comes to the real world, and the “Bliss of Pure Land” is leaping from your network.牨疚         钦 钦 钦 倢 On July 13th, at the NetEase Cloud Innovation Conference held in Hangzhou, the booth of the NetEase AI Division was unveiled in a low-key manner, exhibiting a “Netease Insight” that can be based on real-time and three-dimensional virtual objects. Any surface is converted into a screen of augmented reality interactive projection module "Netease video", "NetEase Porter" intelligent chat robot development platform, "Netease smart +" open platform and many other products. According to reports, NetEase artificial intelligence business department is located in Hangzhou, focusing on deep learning, voice audio, computer vision, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction, heterogeneous computing and other technical areas of research, to explore the next generation of user interaction form. NetEase Executive Dean of Hangzhou Research Institute Wang Yuan introduced the news. The artificial intelligence division can be traced back to 2012 at the earliest. At that time, it mainly studied face recognition and applied to NetEase's mailbox, becoming the first to support face recognition login in China. . In 2016, the company upgraded its brand and artificial intelligence services covered all NetEase Group products. At present, there are more than 100 talents, including many PhDs who have returned from overseas study and the team is rapidly expanding. A NetEase insider revealed that the artificial intelligence division will be drawn from the Hangzhou Research Institute of Netease to become a business division. Right now, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet giants have set up artificial intelligence laboratories one after another, and they have tapped a number of technical experts from Microsoft and Amazon’s Seattle headquarters. Ali has just released a smart speaker that locates voice-intelligence entry-level products. Wang Yuan said that Netease will not focus on the basic research of artificial intelligence, but pay attention to the technology of artificial intelligence landing, and practical application of a combination of business scenarios. Netease's biggest income comes from games, so they will study how to use artificial intelligence in games. "Like the Google AlphaGo game, I think it has no commercial value. We don't necessarily do it," said Wang Yuan. According to reports, Netease currently has several applications in the field of deep learning: The first is the field of content security, which is applied to image identification, text recognition, and video filtering. The second is smart customer service. Smart customer service robots can answer 86% of the questions on average. Manual customer service only needs to answer 14% of the questions. In 2016, robots responded to more than one billion problems, saving customers more than 100 million in cost. The third is Netease "Porter." The unified platform of dialogue robots can be applied to many scenarios in the future. For example, the education solution launched by NetEase Cloud allows users to configure robots on the Bode platform, and at the same time, access a large number of platform-quality content and services (such as music, cloud classrooms, e-commerce, mail, news, etc.). Let the product have dialogue intelligence. In addition, in the field of augmented reality (AR), there are two main applications: The phone is aimed at the beverage and you can see the product information immediately. The first is Netease's "insight." It is to add AR technology based on marketing models such as print ads and video ads. At present, many international brands such as Coca-Cola, Spotify and BBC have enabled AR to enhance the user experience. Netease independently developed the AR engine and implemented an effect based on three-dimensional physical presentation of virtual reality. NetEase's insights product plan Shangguan Fuhao told Xinhua News that a case was a collaboration with Alien, and the “different” virtual body came to the real world and jumped over the network's “Bliss of Pure Land” from your side. Another case is cooperation with a well-known domestic home appliance listed company. Consumers place the camera on the gas stove and other products. Consumers can see the internal structure and learn more about the product before buying. Through NetEase's vision, you can virtually make a cake on the table. The second is Netease "shadow". Based on the new scene of projection interaction, a screen can be projected on any plane, suitable for smart kitchen, interactive teaching and so on. The rapid development of artificial intelligence and the accumulation of massive data also bring many application scenarios to cloud computing. "Cloud computing should not be just a technical term for selling computer rooms, servers, and computing power," said Wang Yuan. On the same day, Netease's cloud computing big data brand "NetEase Cloud" announced the development data for the past two years: By the end of June, Netease Cloud had served 350,000 corporate customers and achieved 700 million end-user coverage. NetEase Cloud announced deep cooperation with Inspur and Intel. It is reported that Inspur and NetEase will carry out strategic cooperation in the three major areas of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. Wang Hongli, vice president of Inspur Group, told the Xinhua News that although cloud computing companies such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud are not a big product, NetEase Cloud Music, NetEase Koala Haihua and many other NetEase products are the same. Small and beautiful, with a unique profit model. She is optimistic about Netease's ability in the capital market and long-term technology accumulation. "Inspur and Netease cooperated 10 years ago. NetEase has accumulated a great deal of technical capabilities in big data and distributed storage. The only challenge is how to integrate it, package, integrate hardware and software, and A more open mind."