Oculus to share WebVR development at F8 2017

Oculus will share WebVR development at F8 2017 from Baidu VR

Michael Antonov, Chief Software Architect at Oculus, will deliver a keynote speech on React VR at the F8 Developers Conference on April 18. Based on Facebook's React JavaScript library, React VR allows developers to easily develop VR content for web pages.

The F8 Developers Conference is Facebook's annual event that focuses on future technologies related to Facebook and its various platforms. Virtual reality will be one of the key topics of this year's F8 conference. Facebook has set up seven special keynote speeches covering VR content creation, social networking and WebVR.

It is understood that Oculus chief software architect Michael Antonov and product manager Andrew Mo will discuss the React VR framework at this conference. React VR is based on the mature React JavaScript library, an open source project from Facebook, and many of them use the React JavaScript library to build the user interface. React VR is designed to provide web developers with a comfortable and familiar environment.

Oculus made a keynote speech for WebVR at the Oculus Connect 3 Developer Conference last year (React VR debuted here). The keynote speech of the F8 conference will be used as an extension and extension, and “...shows React VR in things like travel, Potential in the fields of news, business, etc." On the 19th, software engineers Andrew Imm and Mike Armstrong will hold another discussion on React VR, letting us "understand how React VR was built on React Native, and the support layer and How the library interacts."

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