Olympic lighting project: China's top 10 winning lighting companies

At the moment when Samaranch announced that China hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, the eyes of all lighting companies in China were aimed at the Olympic project. With the lighting and putting into use of major Olympic venues, the Olympic lighting project big cake with a total value of more than 500 million yuan has also been famous. So, which companies in China's lighting industry are showing their talents in the Olympics? Let's take a look.
1. NVC Lighting

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics project bidding, NVC received a number of Olympic lighting project orders, including the Olympic Center, Olympic Village, Olympic National Convention Center and other key projects, as well as the National Convention Center four-star, five-star hotel, University of Technology The auxiliary venues such as the gymnasium and the Paralympic Center are the lighting companies with the largest number of successful bidders, the largest amount of products, and the widest range of products.

In June 2006, NVC headquarters quickly set up an Olympic engineering project service team. Since April 2007, NVC Lighting has successively received the notice of winning the Olympic project. In November of the same year, NVC successfully won the bid for the Olympic Village, Olympic Center, National Convention Center, Olympic Wrestling Hall, Olympic Badminton Hall and other lighting. The project covers outdoor lighting, sports lighting, hotel lighting, exhibition lighting and home lighting products, and has become one of the largest domestic lighting companies with the largest amount of products and the most widely used products. At the end of April 2008, NVC completed the installation and commissioning of the lamps responsible for the Olympic project lighting project.

2, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting

Sanxiong Aurora Lighting participated in the bidding for all Olympic venues. After fierce bidding, it successfully won the bid for the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), the Olympic Park Hockey Tasting Olympic Park Archery Tasting National Convention Center, Beijing Haidian Gymnasium, Beijing Chaoyang Gymnasium, Peking University The 15 Olympic venues of the gymnasium, Olympic media village, Laoshan bicycle hall, Beijing Ditan Gymnasium, Beijing University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, Beijing Shijingshan Gymnasium, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and Olympic Sports Training Stadium It has become one of the domestic lighting companies with the largest number of Olympic venues, and one of the few domestic manufacturers that can provide lighting design and product supply for the Olympic Games.

3. Chenhui Lighting

In November 2007, Chenhui Lighting won the first prize in the first round of the MPC regional lighting procurement project in the Olympic National Convention Center. It advanced into the Olympic project and illuminated the Olympic Park National Convention Center. Taking advantage of this, Donghui Lighting has won the bid in many national projects. As a lighting company that has not turned to the domestic market for a long time, Chenhui Lighting has let many people see its strength and determination.

4. Ningbo Liaoyuan

The requirements for lamps in the Beijing Olympics are even higher than those at the Athens Olympics. Despite this, Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. still relies on strong scientific and technological strength to cut a large piece of cake in the Olympic market. Last year, after winning the bid for the Olympic Avenue next to the Bird's Nest, this year, it has received orders for 20,000 sets of lighting fixtures in the water project competition venue water park and Beijing Huairou Yingbin Avenue.

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