Olympic opening: lighting fixtures perfectly blend ancient and modern (picture)

Olympic opening: lighting fixtures perfectly blend ancient and modern

The extraordinary light and shadow effect laid the foundation for the success of the opening ceremony. LEDs that are widely used in performances are used to the maximum extent here, creating the most ever. The technology research and development technologies such as battery storage solve the energy problem of LED.

The dream five rings that rise into the air are drawn from a large network of 44,000 LEDs. Even the costumes on the actors are also encrusted with LEDs. With the changes in the cast, the stars will come to the world and the shadows of the nest will reappear.

The tradition of Chinese drumming was not abandoned by the opening team, but it was unexpected to everyone in the selection and production of specific instruments. Ancient Chinese percussion instruments became the ultimate choice. Zhang Yimou carefully conceived the final countdown before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. At 8 o'clock on the evening of August 8, 2008, the squadron will be moved by the light wave. In the rhythm of the thunder, the 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 words will flash continuously from the illuminated face. In the last 10 seconds, the beat rhythm of the squad, plus the huge 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 words flashing continuously on the face, will count down with the passion of the audience. At the climax, it also completed the coolest countdown in history.

It is reported that at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, more than 600 competition lights inside the Bird's Nest were all abandoned. Zhang Yimou chose the lighting fixtures that came with them. Technology has entered the digital age, and the lighting effects have also turned into digital lights. This emerging lighting effect has brought the scale and imagination of the opening stage of the Olympic Games to the extreme.

The Beijing Olympics used a kind of digital light: PG light, Chinese means a large projector, which was just put into use in China last year. This is a high-power projection device that uses optical projection principles and uses high brightness. The light source projects the content on the film onto the ground in full color, which can form a visually striking picture effect at night.

In the opening performance, the large reels of the performance throughout the center of the venue, as well as the evolutionary animations from ancient to modern, which were successively displayed on the reels, were projected by the PG lights to the center of the venue after pre-production. The simplicity of black-and-white contrast in Chinese ink painting, the beauty of Western oil painting, and the strong color of Impressionism are all based on this high-tech technology.

Interview with the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the chief designer Sha Xiaotong (pictured) [Olympic opening fireworks collection (Photos)] [Olympic opening stage lighting highlights (Photos)]


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