One more "point" amazing! Three advantages of QLED TV

No matter what era we are in, we will stand on the existing scientific perspective to guess or develop future technologies. In the television field, this is also the case. From 2017 onwards, the TV industry officially stood at the crossroads of display upgrades. QLED/OLED began to invade the high-end TV market gradually. Numerous manufacturers also began to divide the camp into teams to jointly popularize these two new display technologies. And it is through constant innovation and upgrading of display technology that we can see more realistic images on television. Is Q really only one more "point" than O? In fact, although QLEDs and OLEDs have only one "point", they are fundamentally different. At the beginning of this year's CES in the United States, Samsung put forward the concept of QLED technology for the first time. The new QLED TV camp has brought QD technology to a higher level. The large-size OLED technology is dominated by LG, which belongs to Korean manufacturers. After several years of development, OLEDs have also approached maturity. At this point, the TV market with the QLED/OLED as the main melody has officially taken the path of innovation. QLED VS OLED At present, QLEDs and OLEDs are facing fierce battles, and stubbornness and weakness are inevitably the most important point for people. The reason why Samsung has spared no effort in developing large-size QLED technology is bound to have its unique advantages. As one of the first companies to develop and apply quantum dot technology, Samsung has brought new Quantum Dot TVs every year since 2015. Since last year it spent US$70 million to acquire QD Vision, one of the three largest manufacturers of sub-point materials in the world. QLED technology began to occupy the high-end TV market further. 1, color victory: unique DCI-P3 color space DCI-P3 standard fully covers the Rec.709 standard The biggest advantage of Samsung's newly developed QLED technology is that it can display 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut in any environment. This span is actually very large. It should be noted that DCI-P3 is a very mature standard applied in the film industry. The standard almost completely covers the Rec.709 standard (the current international standard for HDTV HDTV), so 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 standard means that it can display richer colors. , and Samsung took the lead in using this standard to create a television color standard. 2, brightness wins: with high brightness HDR quality brightness easily reach 1500-2000 Nit Higher brightness brings more color and more detail Second, Samsung's QLED technology's brightness peaks can easily reach between 1500-2000 nits. When the brightness is within this range, more light penetrates from the quantum dots, effectively increasing the amount of color. The increase in brightness makes the picture more lifelike while maintaining color stability. As a result, bright red no longer fade into tender powder, still bright red, turquoise green is still turquoise green. Samsung QLED technology can be said to maximize the performance of quantum dot materials. 3, power consumption wins: QLED lower power consumption at high brightness Longer service life of QLED The last point is that users are very concerned about, but also is closely related to everyone, that is, the life and power consumption factors. Since the Samsung QLED technology uses a very mature inorganic material, the fluorescence lifetime is longer and color decay does not occur after prolonged use. At the same time QLED technology will be more power saving, OLED power saving is in the performance of the black field, but under normal use, the same size QLED power consumption is lower. Written at the end: The new QLED quantum dot technology brings quantum dot technology to a whole new level with its outstanding luminous efficiency and stability, and its unprecedented wide color gamut. The reason why Samsung chose OLED technology in the small-size mobile phone field and QLED technology in the large-size TV field is to bring the most extreme experience to users all over the world. It is with this concept of "consumer-oriented, through the change for consumers to bring a better life", Samsung was able to become the world's leading giant. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, etc. on TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.