Original Innovator Young People's Second Solid-State Drive: OCZ Hungry Shark TR150 Solid State Drive

The story begins like this

In SMZDM, SSDs are almost a human presence. As a qualified spectator, I started my first solid life earlier. That is this:

Probably because it is too young to believe in advertising. 274 yuan to start the GALAXY 120G SSD. The results have not yet been used for one year. There has been a very serious, very serious and serious speed drop. The most obvious is the reading speed. In severe cases, the minute count falls to a single digit. The entire system (and me) is completely on the verge of collapse and is very stuck. Unbearable, but had to retired mechanical hard drive out first used. I was surprised to find that even a mechanical hard disk is much faster than this broken solid. In any case, my heart is unhappy. But then think about it. Isn't this three-year warranty yet? Definitively apply for the sale of Jingdong.

On the second day after the old solid state was sent back, Jingdong customer service called me. Say the solid state does not provide maintenance, accordingly there can be two other options: a full refund or other models. Because the invoice has been lost. So only for other styles, when customer service put forward two requirements: 1. The price is quite, 2. Must be 120g solid state hard drive. So I picked two paragraphs:

The first one is Transcend's SSD220. The reason for him was very simple. The price did not exceed the previous one. But I do not know if it is understood to be biased, customer service said that this is 128G, not to change. Then choose the second paragraph:

It is also known as the hungry shark TR150. At that time, the quotation was 286 yuan, which was more than 10 yuan more than 274 yuan. With the customer's soft-wearing bubble, it was agreed that the joy of the heart is like making hundreds of millions. After the customer service passed over, the new solid state arrived in the afternoon. This efficiency is really leveraged. It is no wonder that everyone loves Jingdong's after sales.

Then the sun is single

The TR150 that I got was a new package. Although the word “hungry shark” was still kept, the English logo of OCZ has been replaced by TOSHIBA. However, the packaging is still almost as old as the Trion 150. It's just as cool. Just changed from white to gray tone.

The back of the package has written some simple parameters of the TR150. In fact, as long as you know that TR150 is the use of TLC particles and PS3110 master on it.

Unpacking, the content is very simple. In addition to TR150 solid state, there are only some warranty papers. I remember that the previous Toshiba products will also have gaskets. It should be cancelled now.

The design of the hungry shark is relatively cool, although he will soon be loaded into a chassis that is no longer visible. But let's enjoy it again

I don’t know why many people recently said “second-hand east”. I don’t think it’s actually awkward. At least my own replacement is new. The brand new golden finger is very pleasant!

Practice time!

First briefly introduce the use of the environment, this machine uses the AMD platform, Gigabyte 970A-D3P, FX-6300, Yeston HD7750, 8G DDR3 dual channel memory. Usually on the Internet, playing online games feel very abundant.

The chassis is a spicy chicken chassis of an unknown brand. Although it has a long history, there is actually a solid-state dedicated bit, but also with cooling holes. Still quite good. As for the messy wiring, everyone ignores it.

In the end, of course, it was a matter of running a score. AS SSD scored 629. Although the feeling score is not high, the overall experience is not bad. From the PCEVA test, the TR150 read and write cycles exceeded 2700. This time should be able to spend peace of mind for several years.

Finally, it is recommended that everyone, as far as conditions permit, try to choose the solid state of the big brands. If you do not have confidence in your character, you still have to go to Jingdong to buy it. After all, there is Jingdong's after-sales service. If there is a problem, it will not be too helpless. There are many people talking about data security. In my opinion, no matter whether it is a reliable device, it cannot guarantee 100% error. Diligent backup is the most important means to ensure data security

the above

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