Overview of the principle of automobile electronic dog and how to choose

If you want to know how to buy an electronic dog, you first need to understand how the electronic dog works. Next, let me introduce the working principle of the electronic dog, and I hope that it will be helpful for car owners to buy electronic dog brands. There are two main ways to work the electronic dog: one is fixed speed warning, and the other is mobile speed warning. In addition, the high-end electronic dog also has the ability of the tail side.

1. The fixed speed measurement of the electronic dog principle

In advance, the staff will bring a GPS positioning machine to collect the coordinate points of the fixed electronic eye nationwide, and then make the electronic dog data and input it into the electronic dog machine. The electronic dog itself has a GPS positioning chip that can calculate the car's speed and driving direction. When the vehicle travels to a fixed point, a warning is issued in advance. If it is overspeeding, the electronic dog will announce by voice that you have overspeeded.

The electronic dog fixed speed warning can prompt the fixed red light electronic eye in front, the fixed speed electronic eye, the illegal photography electronic eye, and the fixed monitoring electronic eye. To determine whether the fixed speed measurement of the electronic dog is accurate, the most important thing is to look at the electronic dog data. Regarding electronic dog data, pay attention to the following questions when purchasing.

Question 1. Whether the electronic dog data is comprehensive

At present, the best electronic dog data made in China is the good-leading DSA data, Kay Lide, Gao De. Car owners need to pay attention that there are many domestic electronic dog brands, but many small manufacturers do not have the ability to collect fixed electronic eye data across the country. In order to save costs, these small manufacturers will use the cracked version data of big brands. However, this kind of cracked version data is often incomplete, and it is very troublesome to upgrade the cracked version data.

Question 2. Is it convenient to upgrade the electronic dog data?

It is very common to re-plan and build traffic roads across the country, or to rebuild new roads. This requires that the electronic dog data needs to be continuously upgraded. Some big brands of electronic dog data can be updated once a week. But if you buy a copycat electronic dog, it is very troublesome to update the electronic dog data.

Question 3. About Cloud Electronic Dog

The cloud electronic dog has appeared in the last two years, and it can realize the data update of the electronic dog. When upgrading, it usually takes 1-2 minutes. If you buy a cloud electronic dog, there will be a SIM data card in the package. Generally, this SIM card is free of data charges for three years.

Second, the mobile dog speed measurement principle

If you drive a lot, you may encounter a speed camera device temporarily set by the traffic police. Such a temporarily placed device is not marked in the electronic dog data. This requires that the chip built into the dongle can be monitored.

When the electronic dog receives the radar signal emitted by the speed-measuring camera device temporarily set by the traffic police, it immediately alarms and prompts the owner to slow down. To judge whether the speed measurement of the electronic dog is accurate, the most important thing is to look at the chip built in the electronic dog. Regarding the mobile dog speed measurement, pay attention to the following issues when purchasing.

Question 1. Is the quality of the electronic dog chip reliable?

The electronic dog chip is the core component, and some manufacturers of low-quality electronic dogs will use poor quality chips. Such built-in chips often have a short service life and work without problems. In addition, car owners also need to note that some cottage electronic dog brands. These copycat electronic dogs tend to imitate well-known brands in appearance, but the built-in chips used are poor. If it is just from the appearance, it is difficult to distinguish whether the built-in chip is easy to use.

Question 2. The electronic dog must have the ability of full-frequency detection

Because radar speed measurement equipment for roads in various cities in China is imported from different countries and produced in China, these radar speedometers have different transmission frequencies. For example, some radar speedometers emit low frequency waves, and some radar speedometers emit high frequency waves. Even some of the same cities are equipped with radar speedometers in three or four different frequency bands. This requires that the electronic dog must be able to monitor radar waves at full frequency.

3. The tail measurement of the electronic dog principle

Electronic dog tail measurement and tail measurement is a method of speed measurement, that is, the speed measurement device does not face your car head, but after your car passes, it will automatically measure your car speed from the back. It will automatically take pictures.

There are few tail-finding devices installed in the transportation department, so the general electronic dog brands do not have the function of tail-finding warning.

Doubt: Which brand of electronic dog is good?

Because, I run a car modification shop in Nanjing, and often help car owners buy electronic dogs and other in-vehicle electronic products. According to the use effect of the car owner, the reliable electronic dog brands include good-leading electronic dogs, journey electronic dogs, conqueror electronic dogs, and Zhongheng electronic dogs. Good-leading electronic dogs are cost-effective. Generally, a good one can be bought for five or six hundred yuan. The conqueror electronic dog is positioned at a higher end, and the price is generally above 800 yuan.

In addition, there are some electronic dog brands worth buying, but because the owner lacks professional knowledge, it is often difficult to buy. Other car owners often buy a copycat electronic dog brand because they do not know enough about electronic dogs.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone who intends to buy electronic dog products. Although the technology of electronic dogs is constantly improving, the speed measuring device of the transportation department is also constantly changing. Therefore, it is difficult for an electronic dog brand to achieve 100% early warning and speed measurement. In order to attract car owners to buy, some electronic dog brand sellers exaggerated and boasted that they can achieve 100% speed measurement. When encountering such publicity, car owners are advised to pay careful attention.

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