Pioneer launches HDJ-2000 black version headphones

DJ monitor headphones require high-quality sound and durable design, and many monitor brands from Japanese brands are good. Pioneer has a lot of DJ series of monitor headphones, not only sound quality is not bad, in the design of the appearance is also very distinctive. Pioneer's flagship DJ headset HDJ-2000 has always been dominated by silver and black. Recently, Pioneer also released the black version of HDJ-2000, which changed the silver metal part to black, which looks low-key and calm, and looks more fashionable.

This black version of the HDJ-2000 headphones still uses the original structure and appearance, the design of the details has not changed much, just replace the silver metal material of the arm part and the outer ring of the ear shell with black, but this way It seems to be a lot more refined and more fashionable. This headset also features a 50mm large unit that is designed for interchangeable lines and is easy for users to upgrade. Also released is a HDJ-HC01 carrying case designed for the HDJ-2000 series headphones.

It is expected that this new version of the headset will be launched in Japan in late April, priced at 33,000 yen, equivalent to about 2,500 yuan.


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