PK Amazon Echo Samsung or Launches Voice Interactive Bluetooth Speaker

According to the product file provided by the FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission), Tencent’s (chares) Samsung seems to be developing its own voice assistant independently. It is also a “Samco Scoop” for Bluetooth stereos. If this is true, it means this Amazon. Both Alexa and Google Home will face a new and strong competitor.

Although Samsung did not make any official response to this product, but the FCC announced spy photos on the product, according to the file, this speaker has a built-in microphone and Bluetooth system, you can connect a smart phone, and can be like Amazon Alexa implements voice control as it does not describe in other specific function files, so it is unclear what kind of voice commands Scoop can implement, what platform it supports, and its specific size, but it is sure that it has a wristband. So there is a certain portability.

Amazon's Elexa Audio Voice Assistant allows users to get weather information, play songs, taxis or use other smart software through voice commands, and later Google also launched its own Smart Home Voice Assistant in May, Google Home, according to reports Amazon. In the second half of last year, one million Echos were sold and it is forecasted that this year's sales will reach 3 million units. Samsung is currently starting to develop smart audio programs, perhaps because of the promotion of the Galaxy smartphones.

Source: ZDNET