Poly China's first "LED Light Effect Experience Center" International Trade Hotel opened

On June 15, 2010, Guangdong Juke Lighting Co., Ltd.'s first "led light effect experience center" was unveiled in Guzhen Town, Dengdu, China, and officially entered the domestic market. From now on, domestic channel operators and users will not only fully appreciate the charm of LED white light lighting products, but also have pre-sales, after-sales consultation, function demonstration and light effect experience of the latest products provided by Polytech.


The first “LED Light Effect Experience Center” is located in the lobby of Guomao Hotel, a five-star hotel in Guzhen. The refreshing blue and white tone is particularly eye-catching in the splendid ambiguity, showing a strong sense of modern technology. Commercial lighting and outdoor lighting show the high color rendering, high brightness, environmental protection and energy saving and wide applicability of LED lighting products by means of scene display, measured light efficiency and contrasting traditional light source efficiency. In addition, the experience center is equipped with a high-tech lighting design system, which can provide customers with one-stop service from lighting design to energy-saving renovation.


Mr. Zhou Jianhua, Managing Director of Juke Lighting, said: The main purpose of the "LED Light Effect Experience Center" is to provide a one-stop service center from experience to after-sales service, and through the International Trade Hotel. The customer mobile platform strengthens communication and cooperation with LED technology at home and abroad. In the future, Poly will strengthen and improve the function of “LED Light Effect Experience Center” according to the actual display situation, and plan to adopt the form of self-operation and franchise to promote this exclusive mode of experience, sales and technical support. .

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