Provincial leaders inspected the provincial night lighting project

The bright lights of the hustle and bustle of the city, the chic landscape lights are colorful. In recent years, the night scene lighting project has improved the city taste of Shijiazhuang. Last night, provincial leaders Chen Quanguo, Zhao Yong, Sun Ruibin, and Song Enhua accompanied by Mayor Ai Wenli and others, inspected Shijiazhuang City Night Scene Project with great interest.

Yesterday night, after the lighting, the main streets such as Yuhua Road, Zhongshan Road and Guang'an Street were full of colorful, glamorous and charming nights, bringing a touch of warmth to the cities in the winter. Taking a cold, Chen and his team started from Minxin Square and drove along the east side of Yingbin Avenue on Yuhua Road. They carefully observed the night lighting project on both sides of the road. Yuhua Road is one of the province's benchmark roads. The neat and tidy lights on both sides of the road are brilliant and splendid. The colorful and unique landscape lights are colorful. The colorful beams in the green belts are in harmony with the trees. They drive on Yingbin Road, Yuhua Road. The beautiful scenery of the street is so beautiful that people can't help but shine.

At the Yuhua Road Zhonghua Street Overpass, at the Yuhua Road Sports Street Overpass, Chen National has walked off and enjoyd the overall effect of the lighting project from multiple angles. The two overpasses in the night sparkle with dazzling light, showing the charming style and charm of Shijiazhuang. The green space at the four corners of Yuhua Road and Zhonghua Street Overpass is known as the “city living room” of Shijiazhuang. Under the illumination of the night, the harmonious and comfortable city scenery is displayed in front of people. Looking up, the green light beam formed by the laser light forms a "rainbow" in the air, and sometimes forms a "light", which is fascinating and blends with the beautiful buildings around the overpass, highlighting the gorgeous and beautiful night scene. Standing on the overpass of Yuhua Road and Sports Street, the three-dimensional beauty of bridges, trees and buildings complement each other and make people appreciate the elegance of Shijiazhuang. The high-rise buildings surrounded by modern lighting have shown a beautiful figure in the quiet night, which left a deep impression on the leaders of Shengshi. In particular, the night scene of the Provincial Meteorological Bureau is brightened. The thermometer made by the new light source on the external wall of the building is connected with the temperature of the outdoor, which can change with the change of temperature. The creative ideas are recognized by the leaders. It is known that Huahua Light Source of Yuhua Road adopts an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly long-life induction lamp, and installs automatic control energy-saving equipment to achieve power-saving effect. Chen is very happy and affirmed.

The underground commercial street of Guang'an Central Line is a key project of Shijiazhuang City's “three-year change” and development of night economic work. It is about 1,100 meters long and was completed in June last year. It has become a fashion theme commercial street in Shijiazhuang. Chen and his party came here with great interest. They walked, watched and asked, carefully understood the construction and operation of the project, and had a cordial conversation with the operators of the store.

Subsequently, Chen and his party inspected the renovation project of Zhongshan Road night landscape. From the Minxin River section of Zhongshan Road to the West Second Ring Road, along the way, carrying the huge changes in Shijiazhuang Zhongshan Road, now through the implementation of renovation of the building, night scene lighting, municipal construction, landscaping and traffic management facilities upgrade, "shopping, The five functions of image, leisure, business and exhibition have been highlighted. The landscape effect of “the days are bustling and fresh, and the night is full of colorful and colorful” is revealed. During the inspection, Chen National fully affirmed the achievements of the night scene lighting work in Shijiazhuang City, and gave hope to Shijiazhuang City to continue to work hard. At the same time, specific requirements for future night scene work are put forward.

Assistant to the provincial governor, secretary general of the provincial government Yin Yali, director of the Provincial Construction Department Zhu Zhengju, member of the Standing Committee of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Wang Dahu, and Zhang Ye, secretary general of the municipal government, participated in the inspection activities.

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