Reduce marketing costs: lighting companies should pay more attention to word of mouth in the early stage of creation

It is reported that many of the lighting lighting companies are founded by the production departments of the major lighting factories, or the design and development department. What they lack most is the product sales experience.

The creation of any business is very difficult. Five years ago, many lighting companies in Guzhen could do a good job with a screwdriver and a rented factory. Three years ago, without the starting capital of 200,000-300,000 yuan, it was unimaginable to create a lighting and lighting company. Today, 500,000 yuan of funds may not be able to create a lighting company. It can be seen that in recent years, the entry threshold of China's lighting and lighting industry has become higher and higher, and it is more and more difficult to create enterprises.

As the company that was founded, the biggest problem is the survival problem. The biggest factor affecting the survival of an enterprise is marketing. Only when the company's products can be sold smoothly, the funds can be recovered smoothly, and the profits can be smoothly realized, the company can develop better.

At the beginning of the establishment of lighting companies, we should pay more attention to "invisible marketing", that is, pay attention to the word-of-mouth communication of enterprises. Good word-of-mouth and wide-spread communication can bring a large number of valuable customers to the company. This is a low-cost “invisible marketing”.

However, it is not easy to do word-of-mouth communication. Only two years after the establishment of the lighting, more than 100 dealers were developed, relying on word-of-mouth communication. It is difficult to get the trust of new customers, whether it is product quality or brand awareness.

To let old customers volunteer and be willing to serve as your word-of-mouth communication salesperson, not only the interpersonal relationship that the business owner and the old customer trust each other, but also the value that the enterprise deserves to be spread by the old customers. This value, my understanding is excellent product quality, competitive product prices and respectable corporate character. Of course, if enterprises want to grow and develop, it is definitely not enough to rely solely on word-of-mouth communication. In the end, it is necessary to increase brand communication through various platforms and strive for higher brand awareness and reputation.

As a result, many of the companies that have just been created put most of their money into the store or on the advertisements, hoping to be able to make a hit and quickly get to the dealers, so as to achieve marketing performance in the shortest possible time. However, in fact, many of the companies that have just been created will soon have to close their doors because their investments have not received enthusiastic responses from the market and they have lost their chances of survival.

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