Samsung's strong entry into the LED lighting industry, the international market pattern is horrified

On April 18th, Samsung (Samsung) participated in the Frankfurt Lighting and Building Automation Exhibition for the first time, declaring the field of lighting and shocking the LED industry.

Since 2011, Samsung has actively entered the LED lighting market. In 2012, it exhibited a full range of more than 100 products ranging from LED components, bulbs to lamps in the brand hall. The scale is in line with Seoul Semiconductor and Japan Nichia. Nichia), Toshiba, Citizen and other LED manufacturers are equivalent, forming Japan and South Korea on the LED showdown.

It is understood that Korean manufacturers have been actively cutting into the LED lighting market since last year, and most of them are doing OEM work for the US channel factory. Last year, South Korea’s LED production value has jumped to second place, and Taiwan has been pulled down to rank third. Currently, the first LED output value is still in Japan. The industry believes that Samsung has entered the LED industry and has already compressed orders from Taiwanese manufacturers.

In this regard, the industry said that Samsung's rise in lighting may threaten the status of the world's top three factories such as Philips, Osram, GE in the lighting industry. Samsung manufactures LEDs from upstream to downstream. The main LED production capacity is large-size backlights. However, Samsung has put some of the chips to be eliminated after production into LED lighting, thus reducing the price of LEDs and causing price damage to the market. force.

Ye Weifu, chairman of Everlight, said that the competition between the mainland, South Korea and Europe and the United States in the LED lighting market will be fierce this year. Under such circumstances, there will be a situation in which small factories will enter a high threshold. Edison Optoelectronics also said that Samsung is likely to become a Philips competitor.

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