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Some time ago, there were valuable replies saying that they wanted to know about the daily use of Synology, and I promised to do so, but lazy cancer procrastination. . . Been dragged until now.

The group's function introduced today is not intended to look at the loss of HD listening, remote control of BT, email server, or access to the camera, or help the program may be even greater - carrying a website platform, personal database, etc. The function.

It is for a small staff who may face more than a dozen EXCEL watches or PPT files every day.

If so many tables and files are modified every day to modify, I can think of solutions:

U disk - copy to copy

Network disk - file synchronization copy


Cloud Station Server

The first copy to copy the trouble does not say, the version is too bad for themselves; the second network disk local disk synchronization, in fact, this function may have been achieved long ago, but 2016 closed a number of network space, the use of stability Sex is not guaranteed; the third is today's pig: Cloud Station Server

Official explanation:

(The group installation process is not shown)

After installing the program page:

Program operation status

Link (end) user online situation (can be forced offline!)

Each time each step of the file synchronization records

File Directory Settings - Determine the group location you want to synchronize

According to the introduction of sub-device download client

(client installation process is not shown)

A small icon appears in the lower right corner of the desktop

Next, set the remote NAS location in the client and set the synchronization rule:

Mainly based on server version, keep several historical versions. (The local file is updated when the server file is updated, and the local file update does not affect the server)

Mainly based on local files, retain several historical versions. (The server-side file is updated when the local-side file is updated, and the server-side file-end update does not affect the local file)

Take the latest version of the document as the main, retain a few historical versions. (Regardless of server or local, as long as file updates are synchronized immediately) Recommended!

After the settings are complete, a new folder appears on the desktop. The icon in the bottom right corner of the sync folder is a blue sync symbol when it is synchronized, and a green sign when the sync is complete.

Written at the end of the year: It will be a few days before the Chinese New Year. Bitter I'm still on duty in the office. To be a small employee, we also have our own fun! In the end, I wish you all the best for the new year!

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