Siemens Launches PVM UL Series New PV Inverter

On February 28, 2012, Siemens AG (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) introduced a new series of photovoltaic inverters for small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants. It is said that the inverter is specially produced for the highest efficiency photovoltaic power plant.

The Siemens Sinvert PVMUL series PV inverters can be used in power plants of 12 to 24 kW with a maximum efficiency of more than 98%. The company pointed out that in the entire photovoltaic grid-connected system, the inverter can highlight its high economic efficiency.

“With this, we can help our customers reduce the levelization price to a minimum,” says Peter · Klaus, manager of Siemens photovoltaic inverter business unit.

“With our 50 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, Siemens can provide a wide range of photovoltaic inverter products, from the current micro-inverters used by ordinary residents to commercial applications of photovoltaic inverters, to complex commercial large-scale power plants. Apply the inverter."

Sinvert PVM series inverters conform to international standards such as IEC, UL and NFPA (American Fire Protection Association) Siemens' three-phase inverter SinvertPVMUL series certification conforms to international certification standards such as IEC, UL and NFPA (American Fire Protection Association), and has lock-off DC , String breaking fuser function integrated combination box function. These inverters have IEC versions applied to 10, 13 to 17 KW systems, and UL versions of 12, 16, 20 and 24 KW.

Photovoltaic inverters have Ethernet and RS485 communication interface features, as well as functions for displaying power feedback and other inverter operating information. Taking into account the durability, Siemens stated that the product uses a cooling function instead of a fan, and also installed a surge protector.

The company pointed out that PV inverters are suitable for indoor or outdoor installations because of the use of NEMA3R level protection connection boxes and NEMA4 class photovoltaic inverter devices. The company's PVMUL series inverters can also work in a 40-50 degree environment.

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