Skirt LED table lamp

Flamenca is Spanish, representing the female flamenco dancers, and this beautiful LED table lamp is inspired by the flying flamenco dance skirt, the light and shadow of the translucent wave lamp. A flower-like romantic and quiet sense of space, with a light and elegant temperament, soothing hypnosis effect, creating a special visual effect of the lighting material, is the acrylic we usually see, in different designers The hands show different charms.

LED lights have two layers of light plates, the color matching of the same color is just right, and the LED light source is in the center. When the beautiful light diverges, in addition to the different color changes of the light plate, the excellent light guiding effect through acrylic There will be bright bright edges on the edge of the wave, plus the brightness of the acrylic itself, so that the whole LED light is just like a work of art, in addition to the silver plate in the middle can be used to put small things, as well as touch The function of adjusting the brightness, using the principle of silver-plated conduction to make the induction, when we gently close the finger, Flamenca will automatically change the brightness, the switch light is the same method, the sensitive control reflects the interaction between the lamp and the person.

This decorative lamp is especially suitable for decorating all kinds of special shops. For those occasions that need beautiful lighting, it is used for small booths, for putting business cards and candy, and to play the low temperature characteristics of LED lights, no need to worry about putting things down. It will burn. This is also the specialty of LED lamps, so that the lights are no longer just tools, but also become a work of art that changes the atmosphere of the space. Even without the luxury elements such as crystal jewelry, it can bring surprises.

Drum type Rice Cooker



This type rice cooker is famous with drum type appearance, which is easy operation and easy clean.

There are two type of inner pot ,  one type called white pot which is without non-stick but cheaper price .another one called non-stick pot is polished with emery, Also there are two type non-stick with different price ,it`s depending on different demands to use.


And the inner pot cannot be burned on the stove, which will make the pot transfigured and bad contact with the heating plate. While cooking , the heating plate or the fuse is most likely to be burned for the bad contact of the inner pot and the heating plate, Besides, make sure to dry the pot before putting into the outer shell of the rice cooker ,or else the drops of water flowing on the heating plate, will make the heating plate rusted.



Many peoples are used drum type rice cooker for congee and soup, some of peoples are prefer to use this type rice cooker for steaming.

Drum Rice Cooker

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