Smart life in a small mountain village

Smart life in a small mountain village

Life is very close to us. After all, there are lives where people live. So smart? This is not easy to say, the concept of smart life alone makes the author a little puzzled, I do not know why. In the market, we can see a large number of smart products, smart phones, smart cameras, smart toys, all linked with the smart, giving a feeling of a tall, the price that can certainly be a lot! So smart life has become a kind of hear to these common people, "I know, I know," but I haven't used it. We may wish to take a look at the news reports on smart life. Most of them talk about how this technology company has increased its efforts to promote it. Consumers are not paying so much that smart life products are still unpopular for years.

What is smart life? Life-related smart products. If you don't remember the day, see the words on Wechat: "The living room lamp, the bedroom lamp, the children's room, the restaurant lamp, the street lamp are all smart lights. Sheng Lup, light up your smart life. (They are Map

Sheng Lip smart lighting controller, the middle of the figure above the small long box, about 6 cm or so, such a gadget, how to contact with the smart life? I could turn the lights on my head into smart lights, and I was very interested in preparing to go home for the Spring Festival. I asked Duang~duang~duang~ to search for the Lamp controller. Duang came out, and Shenglaip intelligent lighting controller is a switch product controlled by mobile phone. When connected with Shenglapu products in front of the ordinary lamps at home, you can install a mobile app named “Wanjia lights” APP through your mobile phone. The software controls the home lighting for mobile phones. There are still a lot of mobile phone memory space, so we downloaded the "Wanjia Lights". We have to play for a while. We can number, the interface is not bad, is a lack of physical control. A certain treasure Lane to find a look, Sheng Laipu shop is still operating, fast orders, the city received the next day.

Shenglaipu smart lamp controller claims no traffic, no Bluetooth pairing, you can control the lamp! This point I like more because not in the city, the information is a lot worse, usually have to call a phone and have to climb to the roof. The home's light switch is installed in the door's position, the distance from the bed is not small, if you turn the light into a mobile phone control, it is really a good choice. This idea is to be realized. Xiaoshan Village can also enjoy smart life!

On February 12th, I took the high-speed rail and brought on the controller of the Shenglepu lamps and lanterns. After 3.5 hours of DUang, I returned to my hometown where I had been away for almost a year. The air in my hometown is still so fresh and the folks are still so enthusiastic. The changes are getting bigger and bigger. Many high-tech products will be used by villagers. They talked about intelligent lighting controllers. Everyone wants to see the amazing features of this product and want to experience it.

I installed the lamp controller of Sheng Lai Pu in my bedroom. The little buddies all came over and tried it. Tap the light on the phone, and it turned on, lying on the bed and turning off the light anytime. It was really convenient. Little friends all want to put a room in their own, do not have to link WIFI, do not waste traffic, really like!

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