Solution to the thirst of the players Rio Olympiad usher in "Pokemon GO"

The Rio Olympic Games have gold, silver and bronze medals.

There may also be Goda ducks, big tongues, and young frog seeds.

There are many athletes in Rio Olympic Games who play "Pokemon GO"

According to the Associated Press, "Pokemon Go", which has become popular all over the world but can only be played in some areas, has just arrived in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic city.

Rio Gabriela Alves, a native of Rio, pulled out his cell phone and was collecting sprites. "I didn't run so much in my life. Is this what the Olympics feel?"

Before, some Olympic athletes arrived in Rio de Janeiro and lamented that "Pokemon Go" did not meet them there. American diver and 2012 silver medalist Abby Johnston issued a promotion saying that "the worst thing in the Olympic Village" is that no game can be played anyway. So a few days later, the problem was solved.

A member of the German hockey team said that they had caught a "special" Pokemon in the Olympic Village, but it turned out that they were in a photo with world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic. Japanese men's gymnast star player Nakamura Hirabayue told the media that he used a lot of data traffic to play games in Japan, and the call for 5,000 dollars was gone.

Last Thursday, there were sporadic battles and halls in the Olympic Park.

Perhaps the Rio Olympic Games, "Pokemon GO" will become a big spot.

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