Steel traders officially leave steel market this weekend to enter the "winter break"

This weekend (14th and 15th), most of the steel traders in the Yangtze River Delta have started formal holidays, and the steel market has ushered in a “winter break.” The early business breaks and early holiday breaks of employees seem to have become a feature of the steel market this year.

It is understood that after the New Year's Day, many businesses in the Yangtze River Delta region have been closed, and by the 10th of this month, the phenomenon of “going to the sky” in the steel market has become widespread. Even if some businesses still stick to their posts, the focus of their work shifts to follow-up summaries and repayments. The operation of spot goods is loose. As the enthusiasm for terminals and downstream purchases weakened, spot transactions continued to decline.

According to the latest market report issued by the well-known steel and information organization My Steel, this week (01.05-01.12), the domestic steel market still maintained a weak operation, and it is still mainly bearish. In terms of construction steel, the domestic steel market continued to fall, and the market volume before the Spring Festival was low, basically to prepare for the market after the year; in the hot-rolling market, the trading atmosphere was light, and the overall price was stable and weak; plate On the other hand, prices continue to fall; the domestic market of cold-rolled coils continues to decline at a weak pace, and market transactions are generally low. In terms of profiles, prices have generally stabilized and some regions have been weakly down.

In the first week of 2012, the overall performance of steel prices also remained weak. Whether it is the adjustment of steel mills or macroeconomics, they have failed to shake the current sluggish market transactions.

The market before the Spring Festival did not give a hint of "color" to the languishing steel market.

Analysts pointed out that in the short term, the steel market is weak and difficult to change; in the long run, the steel market may really need to wait until after the first quarter.

On the other hand, in the past, there was often a phenomenon that “the year before pushed up and the year before the winter storage” phenomenon, and now the winter storage has become a “bubble.” "While lacking the support of real demand, there is no intermediate demand operation. Merchants' willingness to use winter storage is more cautious, and social inventory has not been able to grow."

In the winter, this is the traditional off-season sales of construction steel products. This year it is even more “lightening”. With the cold winds in the steel market, frequent cooling, steel prices oscillated and fell, the willingness of end-users to purchase, steel traders gloomy business, the Spring Festival approaching, traders are "fearless", more uninterested, have a rest, back Home New Year.

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