STMicroelectronics (ST) Launches and Showcases P60 Ultra HD Set-Top Box Chips Developed for the Chinese Market

STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM) launches four quad-core SoCs for China's Ultra HD p60 market across multiple electronic applications and the world's leading semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange: STM) The new products STiH314/318 and STiH414/418 are among the Cannes/Monaco series that STMicroelectronics is very popular in the HD market. At present, a number of major OEMs have begun to use these system chips to develop a new generation of ultra-high definition image quality products.

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Philippe Notton, vice president and general manager of the Consumer Electronics Division of STMicroelectronics, said: "The China Ultra HD ecosystem is an extremely important and dynamic market. STMicroelectronics has developed high performance and energy efficiency for the Chinese market. A price-competitive system chip that supports AVS+[1], China's downloadable CAS[2] (DCAS) and TVOS[3]. The new product line benefits from a third-party ecosystem that supports rich applications. Customers take the lead in product development to develop solutions that are of interest to the market."

Michel Rahier, President of Home Network Products at Technicolor, said: "Providing end users with an immersive visual experience and value-added services is our common goal with STMicroelectronics. We see operations around the world. Shangdu is poised to provide 4K services to consumers. China's 4K market is not only large and has great potential, especially for global sports events, which will directly benefit from the high-resolution images and image quality brought by 4K services."

Key features and functions of these chipsets:

· Supports 60 frames per second, 10-bit Ultra-HD High Efficiency Video Coding (EVC) video stream generated by all major brand video encoders; supports 60 frames per second AVS+ and VP9 video Streaming, outputting video through the latest 6Gbps HDMi2.0 interface;

· Ultra-high definition video streaming at home via pre-integrated 4x4 802.11ac Wi-Fi and MoCA 2.0 communication technology;

· Provides the latest Android L version, using ST's ARM core-based central processing unit (CPU) / graphics processing unit (GPU) optimization system to support the full functionality of Android TV;

· Provide all the components needed to support China's implementation of TVOS implementation;

· Supports real-time video signal input through a large number of third-party intermediate software, as well as a simple and convenient user operation mode, which greatly enhances the user experience, including FCC (Fast Channel Change) and transcoding functions;

· Integrate the latest secure IP modules required for Advanced Conditional Access (CA) and expand support for Chinese downloadable versions of CAS (DCAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM), while also supporting the industry The first multi-trusted execution environment (TEE[4], Trusted Execution Environment);

· The forensic watermarking technology meets the latest requirements of MovieLabs, effectively improving the content protection benchmark for high-value ultra-high definition image quality;

· High dynamic range (HDR, High Dynamic Range) prototype, making black blacker, whiter brighter, smoother transition from highlight to shadow, helping to enhance the stunning visual effects of 4K video content.

The software and pins of these quad-core SoCs are compatible with other products in the Cannes (STiH3) and Monaco (STiH4) series. This advantage allows customers to share development resources across the entire system to achieve full HD quality (Full HD) ) Smooth transitions between Ultra-HD and Ultra-HD devices, while leveraging the vast ecosystem of middleware and third-party applications.

For more details, please visit the STMicroelectronics Internet Client Set-Top Box Processor and Server and Gateway Processor web pages or contact your local STMicroelectronics subsidiary. During the China International Broadcasting and Television Network Exhibition (CCBN) held on March 26-28, 2015, STMicroelectronics will hold a special product exhibition to highlight the Cannes/Monaco products. At the same time, STMicroelectronics will exhibit other technical products at booth #3306 in Hall 3 of the exhibition held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center.

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