Subway construction engineering LED integrated energy-saving lighting device (standard section 2) procurement...

Title: Metro Construction Integrated LED Energy-saving Lighting Installation (Bid 2) Procurement Tender Notice Tender No.: SB10101020090066 Announcement Date: May 13, 2009 Deadline: June 25, 2009 Tendering Agency: Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. Provinces and cities: Guangdong Province - Shenzhen City Content: Project Number: SB10101020090066
Project Name: Purchase of LED integrated energy-saving lighting equipment for the construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 (Bid 2: Dongyan Project)
Bidding method: public bidding evaluation method: comprehensive evaluation method bidding content: tender 1 LED integrated energy-saving lighting device (first phase project)
Bid 2 LED comprehensive energy-saving lighting device (Dongyan Project) Bidders must bid for two tenders at the same time.
Estimated start date: September 2009 Estimated completion date: December 2010 Project location: Shenzhen bidding announcement time: May 12, 2009, bidding guarantee: bidding guarantee qualification examination method: qualification post-trial bidding document acquisition and selling price The bidding documents (including the design drawings) can be downloaded from the member area of ​​the Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network. The cost of the work (RMB 500) is included in the bidder after the bid closing:
Enterprise qualification requirements:
(1) The bidder must be an enterprise or institution with legal person status registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China. It does not accept bids from the consortium and agents. The parent and subsidiary (group) only allow one bid;
(2) The bidder must be an enterprise or institution that has passed the ISO9000 series quality system certification;
(3) The bidder must have 3C or CQC or CE or UL certification for LED lighting products;
(4) The bidder shall have a contractual performance of a single item of LED lighting products of not less than RMB 600,000 (or equivalent).
Note: “LED lighting products” refers to all kinds of lightings with LED as the light source, excluding LED display, advertising light box, luminous characters and nameplates.
Others: Applicants who have colluded with bidding for bad behavior records or suspected of colluding bids and are being investigated by the competent authorities of our city will not be accepted this year.
In addition: 1. A copy of the information certifying the eligibility conditions specified in the “Tender Notice” shall be submitted along with the bid documents, and the originals shall be carried for inspection;
2. The qualifications of the post-trial materials shall be stamped with the official seal of the bidder, and the contact information shall be attached and bound into a booklet (must include the fax number and mobile phone number).
Deadline for submission of bids: submission of qualification review documents and bid documents at 10:00 on June 25, 2009. Venue: No. 9 on the third floor of Design Building, No. 8 Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.
Answer the question of bidding and implement the online anonymous answering system. The tenderee did not concentrate on organizing Q&A and implemented online Q&A. The bidder’s questioning of the bidding matter was filed in the “Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network” in the form of unsigned, and the question was stopped at 17:30 on May 27, 2009. The tenderee shall answer the questions of the bidding documents before June 5, 2009, and form an addendum file to be submitted to the construction administrative department or the relevant administrative department for filing on the Internet. The tenderee does not organize the tender preparation meeting (answering meeting) and the on-site activities of the exploration project.
Tenderer: Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. Legal representative of the tenderer: Zhang Xiaoli Tendering agency: Guangdong Province Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tendering Center Tendering agency Legal representative: Feng Jian Tips:
1. The project will be tendered by post-qualification method. All clarifications and Q&As will be conducted through the Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network. Bidders should check the update of the bidding information at any time.
2. The bidder must apply for the enterprise information card and enter the bidder's fingerprint collection information and digital certificate before bidding. For specific service guides, please refer to the “Guidelines for Handling Information Cards for Other Enterprises, Bidders' Fingerprint Collection Guide” and “Digital Certificate Handling Guide” in the “Service Guide” on the website of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network ().
3. Submit qualification review documents and bid documents. The legal representative directly holds the enterprise bid card; or the bidder verifies the fingerprint information.
4. If there are less than 6 bidders, the bidding documents will be returned, and the bidder will modify the bidding documents and postpone the bid opening. Company Name: Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tendering Center Contact: Feng Jian Tel: 0755-23992400 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address:

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