Sunon Releases New LED Lamp Cooling Module

[High-tech LED] Taiwan's thermal module manufacturer Sunon (Sunon) recently released high-efficiency active LED lamp cooling module TA004-10003, the company said that the product meets the Philips Fortimo LED SLM 3000lm system high-power cooling needs, LED Spot Light 40W delivers the highest quality lighting.

According to reports, the product can avoid LED light decay, color drift and overheating failure, with stable high-efficiency heat dissipation; high reliability cooling fan can extend the service life of the lamp; small and lightweight design can increase the lightness of LED lamp ID design Beautiful; extremely quiet fan design, lower than the minimum sound range of the human ear below 20phon sound quality, to meet the quiet requirements of the fixture installation indoors; in addition, the company can provide optimized heat flow model planning.

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