Taiwan's new production of motor materials to open a new chapter in the life of electric vehicles


Recently, a new type of green steel has been mass-produced in Taiwan. This kind of electromagnetic steel sheet has high grade, high efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics, and can be widely used in the production of electric vehicle drive motors.

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The new electromagnetic steel sheet is more "green". The booster motor significantly improves efficiency.

According to Gasgoo.com, the electric vehicle drive motor produced by this new type of electromagnetic steel sheet has the characteristics of high torque and high efficiency. Therefore, it is considered by the industry to be a new wave of power to promote the global electric vehicle industry. The prospects are promising.

At present, the world's major auto manufacturers are fiercely competing in the field of electric vehicles. All companies are active in the research and development of electric vehicles. They all hope to develop electric vehicle products that meet the market demand and replace the fuel engines with drive motors. The purpose of vehicle exhaust emissions. Gasgoo.com understands that because of the fast speed and high power of electric motor drive motors, the requirements for manufacturing materials are extremely severe. In order not to limit the efficiency of the motor, which ultimately affects the mileage of the vehicle, it is very important to develop new types of electromagnetic steel.

The ratio of output power to input power is the efficiency of the motor. In the case where the input power is fixed, the more the loss, the lower the output power, and the efficiency of the motor decreases. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of the motor, it should be used as an entry point to reduce its loss. According to Gasgo.com, the loss of the motor is reflected in two aspects: electromagnetic loss (including iron loss and copper loss) and mechanical loss. The electromagnetic loss is close to 70% of the total loss, which is the main source of motor loss.

Since the electromagnetic loss has a direct relationship with the electromagnetic characteristics of the electromagnetic steel sheet, the use of a suitable electromagnetic steel sheet to reduce iron loss and copper loss can significantly improve the efficiency of the motor.

Based on this, Taiwanese companies have made some efforts in the research and development of electromagnetic steel sheets. After more than four years of hard work, the new green electromagnetic steel sheet was put into production in batches, and its iron loss was only 1.9 watts per kilogram, which is a significant breakthrough compared with similar products on the market. Gasgoo.com understands that this new type of electromagnetic steel sheet has been supplied to motor manufacturers.

China attaches great importance to research and development of new energy automotive motors and core materials

As a key component, the drive motor has already been included in the key breakthrough of China's new energy vehicle research and development from the policy level. The "Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)" released in 2012 clearly states that "the research and development of key components for new energy vehicles will be strengthened, and the research and development of motorized accessories such as drive motor systems and core materials will be supported." A group of key component enterprises that meet the requirements of industrial chain gathering and have strong technical innovation capabilities have cultivated two or three backbone enterprises in the fields of driving motors.

The electric vehicle replaces the mechanical propulsion system with an electric drive system, and replaces the traditional fuel engine with a power battery. Under the premise of reducing emissions or zero emissions, the same requirements and performances as those of the fuel vehicle are achieved. Therefore, the motor drive system of an electric vehicle should meet the following requirements when designing: large torque below the base speed to meet the requirements of quick start, acceleration, load climbing, frequent start and stop, etc., small torque above the base speed, constant power, Wide speed range; optimized efficiency in the entire torque/speed operating range to achieve the longest cruising range of the power battery after one charge; motor and electronic control unit small size, light weight, tight structure; low cost .

In order to develop drive motors that meet the above requirements and have higher energy efficiency, motor design and manufacturing companies should not only increase their R&D efforts in terms of construction, but also closely integrate upstream material suppliers to actively explore new types of motor materials. Very meaningful.

Has been favored by well-known electric car manufacturers and is expected to accelerate the new energy vehicles in mainland China

This new type of electromagnetic steel sheet has excellent flatness, low energy consumption, high efficiency, etc. It can be applied to high-end fields such as pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and drive motors for high-speed rail vehicles. Tesla, the world's leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has become a user of this material.

According to Gasgoo.com, Taiwanese producers of this new type of material have already started their first project in the mainland in 2011. The annual production capacity of the new electromagnetic steel produced in Taiwan has reached 150,000 tons. The company has thus become a world-class supplier of top-grade high-profile electromagnetic steel sheets.

As an important global market, China's new energy vehicle production and sales have risen rapidly this year, showing strong market demand. Electromagnetic steel sheet is one of the direct factors that determine the efficiency of motor operation, which indirectly affects the mileage of electric vehicles. The new high-grade electromagnetic steel sheet that was put into production in Taiwan this time is believed to be concerned by domestic motor manufacturers and will be applied on a large scale, thus “speeding up” for the development of new energy vehicles in China.

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