Taiwan factory Huaxing won the order of Taiwan Railway LED

Taiwan Taoyuan Railway Station is expected to be fully changed to LED lighting in 2010 and 2011, becoming the first railway station in Taiwan to be converted to LED lighting. According to reports, Taiwan factory Huaxing (6164) has won the LED order from the Taiwan Railway Bureau and will supply 400 LED lamps at Taoyuan Railway Station.

Liu Xingxiong, chairman of Huaxing, said that the company is actively focusing on the LED lighting market, and has laid out large-scale chain distributors such as RT-Mart, Dinghao, Songqing and other chain-passage low-temperature lighting markets. The products have been delivered. In addition to the Taoyuan Railway Station to switch to LED lighting, the banking industry has also begun to plan to use LED lights, Huaxing has modified LED lighting for the five branches of the First Bank.

However, he also admitted that the company is quite interested in replacing the use of LED lighting, but the current price difference between LED and general light bar and light bulb is still quite large, so the chain store will gradually replace the LED, not completely replaced immediately.

At present, the main customers of Huaxing low-temperature lighting are Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The monthly production capacity will reach 400,000 baht. Huaxing will continue to focus on the LED lighting market in the future. The subsidiary Huaneng will also focus on the Assembly business. It is expected that Q3 will be put into production and capacity will be added in Zhaoqing Plant. The legal person pointed out that by then, Huaxing's monthly production capacity will increase by 25% to 500,000.

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