Taiwan Research Institute points out road lighting and LED street light standards

Energy is the most concerned issue in the world in the 21st century. Lighting energy conservation is ranked as the first problem. From the perspective of lighting, the road is divided into four categories, namely, automobile-specific, general streets, shopping streets and sidewalks, and generally referred to as road lighting. It is a car-specific lighting.

Based on the importance of road lighting, Dr. Li Liling, deputy head of the Residential Energy Saving Technology Group of the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, said in the report of the conference that road lighting design considerations include sufficient illumination, uniform brightness, pleasant light color, glare avoidance, and induction. Driving, energy saving and maintenance convenience, etc., so the street lights must be good, reliable and safe. Secondly, the lamps have high efficiency, good lighting utilization, proper light distribution, long life, waterproof and dustproof, etc., to provide safety, reliability, energy saving, visual comfort, low light damage and low maintenance rate. Finally, the trend of decorative lighting, street lighting style is aesthetically pleasing, with local cultural characteristics, and with a moderate arrangement, reducing the number of poles and maintaining uniform light on the road surface, reducing installation costs and adding beauty.

Dr. Li Liling believes that road lighting is subject to strict requirements. The global road lighting setting specifications and street lamp performance standards are quite complete and clear; the standards generally include illuminance and uniformity (minimum illuminance / average illuminance), CIE115 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) The standard divides the road into four categories. The road illumination standard is divided into 15, 20, 30 and 50 Lux. The uniformity (minimum illumination / average illumination) requires 0.4. However, based on environmental and cultural factors, there are still considerable gaps in national regulations. Relevant standards for road lighting design; (1.) Road lighting: standard lamp column arrangement, pole height and pole spacing design; (2.) Lighting used in road lighting: standardizing the type of street lamps and light distribution requirements; (3.) Light poles for road lighting: standard requirements for light poles; (4.) Light source and ballast test standards; (5.) Photoelectric automatic extinguisher test method for street lamps.

In the report, Dr. Li Liling announced with confidence that the development of white light led quickly, the utilization of light and the advantages of environmental protection, so that the technology of LED street lights has been rapidly improved within a few years, and the luminous efficiency has been higher than that of mercury lamps by more than 25%. LED light source technology has been rapidly improved in the past three years, and the luminous efficiency has been higher than 100LmW. For street lamps with high power and high brightness demand, LED street lamps still have high heat generation and doubts about reliability. Secondly, street lamps are under safety considerations. To meet the needs of road illumination, uniformity, glare, etc., LED lighting design technology needs to be solved. In addition, the price of LED lamps is several times higher than that of traditional lamps. Therefore, under the comparison of energy efficiency, performance and cost, the development of LED street lamps of international manufacturers is relatively conservative, but LED lighting has the potential of energy saving and environmental protection, and road lighting belongs to Government public utilities, governments at all levels are paying more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and the business opportunities of LED street lamps are boundless in the future.

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