TCL D40A261 Series Smart TV How to Install Third-Party Application Tutorial

TCL D40A261 smart TV how to install sofa butler TV application market, how to install live on-demand software app?
This tutorial is applicable to similar models such as the TCL TV D40 (42/48/55) A261;

TCL D40A261 series smart TV installs sofa butler through Android phone
Installation steps : Android phone install sofa butler mobile phone version - mobile phone and TCL TV with a router - sofa butler mobile version push installation

1. Use Android phone to download and install the sofa butler mobile version: ;

2. Open the sofa butler mobile phone version on the mobile phone;

3, the need for mobile phones and the need to install the sofa butler of the TV (or box) in the same LAN (for example, mobile phones and TVs use the same home Wi-Fi); sofa butler mobile phone page select "install sofa butler"

4. For other equipment than Xiaomi brand, please select "Other brand equipment installation"

5, find the IP corresponding TV (or box), and click on the link. [If the corresponding device is not displayed, click on the connection failed, the sofa butler phone version shows "find device", please wait a moment]

6. After clicking the connection button, the installation package will be automatically sent to the TV for installation. The installation process may take a few minutes. Please wait patiently.

7, mobile phone screen as shown in the figure, indicating that the installation has been successful.

It may take a long time for the sofa butler mobile version to connect to the TV. Please try to connect several times.

Thank you for your attention and support to the sofa housekeeper. If you have any questions, please add the official QQ group of the sofa website:

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Smart TV box recommended to install sofa butler, download address:
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