Teach you how to choose the car audio that suits you.

With the large number of cars entering the homes of ordinary people, car audio is gradually favored by car owners. However, when someone is crazy about dynamic car music, more car owners lack a good understanding of car audio, and do not know how to install a car stereo that suits them. Here, we provide some little knowledge about car audio, only for car music lovers.

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Classification of car audio

The current car audio is divided into three categories from the listening effect: Class A: American style, music is full of metal taste, relatively strong, suitable for young people; Class B: British style, the sound is relatively soft, listening to nostalgic lyrical old songs are more comfortable Suitable for people of different ages; c: Nordic style, suitable for listening to serene serenade.

Car audio choice

What brand of car audio speakers should be selected, depending on personal preference. If you prefer to listen to rock, choose an American speaker; if you prefer to listen to ordinary songs, you can choose Japanese; if you love classical music, then the British speaker is right for you.


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