The Ministry of Commerce released a green paper on retail energy conservation

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the 2011 China Green Paper on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (referred to as the "2011 Green Paper").

The “2011 Green Paper” proposes that the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in the retail industry needs the follow-up of supporting policies, ie establishing and improving the legal system and standard system for energy conservation and environmental protection in the retail industry; strengthening the research on the green supply chain in line with the characteristics of the retail industry and promoting green supply in the retail industry Chain construction; Improve green subsidies and taxation policies to further enhance the enthusiasm of the company in energy conservation and environmental protection; Promote the social influence of enterprises through various means such as demonstrations, certifications, awards, and lead the development direction of energy conservation and environmental protection of enterprises; Actively and steadily promote contract energy The application of management in the retail sector; in line with the energy-saving features of chain retailers, the flexible application and introduction of targeted subsidies and incentives will enable more retail companies to enjoy energy-saving incentives and subsidies.

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