The role of radiator fin height and quantity

In order to improve the heat dissipation effect of power component radiators, the selection of radiators should pay attention to the following issues:

1) In order to ensure the compactness of the structure, the heat dissipation structure should meet the volume, weight and shape requirements of the overall design of the electrical structure;

2) In the actual heat dissipation process, the temperature distribution of the radiator substrate is uneven. The temperature at the installation location of the power component is higher than that at other locations, and the temperature at the air outlet is higher than the temperature at the air inlet. Reasonable distribution on the radiator substrate to ensure uniform temperature distribution and prevent thermal coupling between power components, it is necessary to select a radiator of appropriate width and length in the calculation results, and arrange the radiators reasonably;

3) Although increasing the height and number of radiator fins can increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the heat dissipation structure, the increase in the number of fins will increase the wind resistance of the air duct, which will reduce the heat dissipation effect. The effect improvement is not obvious. Therefore, it is not possible to increase the number and height of radiator ribs indefinitely.

Using the friendly features of VB6.0 man-machine interface, write the corresponding program, the entire program interface is simple and easy to operate. The program mainly prompts the user to enter the corresponding information through the picture, and receives the information input by the user through various controls such as text boxes and buttons. The program completes the calculation of each step of the heat dissipation structure according to the process, and finally displays the calculation results collectively.

Heat power setting:400/800/1200W        

Automatic tip-off protection          

Oscillating function with handle,easy to be taken

Halogen tube is a sealed light-emitting tube, filled with halogen element inert gas, the middle of the tungsten wire white, black two (due to the cost of white tungsten wire is much higher than the black tungsten wire, so the market is not universal ). Halogen tube with high thermal efficiency, heating is not oxidation, long life and other advantages, and some models also attached to the timing, rotation, humidification and other functions. Halogen tube heater is to rely on luminous heat dissipation, the general use of 2 to 3 halogen tube for the heat source, the power consumption of 900 ~ 1200W or so, more suitable for the area of about 12 square meters of the room, some of the more advanced products with automatic Power, automatic shaking his head and other functions, simple and practical design.

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