The Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion project of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo...

Title: 2010 Shanghai World Expo “Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion” Project Exterior Frame Special Effects System Engineering (including LED)-Water Spray System Tender Notice Tender No.: Announcement Date: June 11, 2009 Deadline: June 17, 2009 Japanese Tendering Agency: Shanghai Shenggan Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Seventh Construction Co., Ltd. Province: Shanghai Content: 1. Bidding Content:
Shanghai Oriental Investment Supervision Co., Ltd. was commissioned by Shanghai Shenggan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai No.7 Construction Co., Ltd. to conduct domestic public bidding for the special frame system project of water-spraying system of the “Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion” project of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Specially invited bidders are invited to bid. Qualified bidders must have the following conditions and provide proof:
(1) The Business License of Enterprise Legal Person issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce. Have a fixed management, production, construction, maintenance personnel, and can provide good technical support.
(2) The bidder must have the relevant product production or sales license and the corresponding installation qualification. Allow consortium bids.
(3) Both the applicant and the proposed project manager must have good construction performance and construction management experience similar to the scale of the project, and the bidders have a good reputation. In the past three years, there has been no fraudulent bidding and no major economic litigation cases.
(4) Business operations and financial status are good.
Second, the project overview:
Project Name: 2010 Shanghai World Expo 2010 Shanghai World Expo “Shanghai Enterprise Joint Pavilion” Project Building Frame Special Effects System Project – Water Spray System Project Location: D11 Block Project of Puxi D Area, Shanghai World Expo Park
The Shanghai Enterprise Pavilion is a temporary pavilion designed to showcase ideas that promote communication, understanding and integration in human society. The project is located at Block No. 6, Block 11, Block D, Puxi, Shanghai World Expo Park.
Building area: 4,797 square meters Building layer: three floors above ground height: roof elevation 19.25 meters, exposed steel structure top elevation 22.5 meters Structural form: large span steel truss structural system architectural features: the overall outline of the building is 3.5 meters overhead It is 63.20 meters long, 48.10 meters wide and 22.5 meters high. The structure is an exposed space steel truss structure and a curved irregular steel frame structure. The periphery is first wrapped with an irregular stainless steel curved body; the second is a transparent three-dimensional grid formed by various special technical pipelines (mainly LED lighting tubes and spray tubes). The result is a composite cube.
Functional layout: one floor is only used for vertical elevators and escalators and fire control room; the second floor is exhibition hall and theater, which is the main use space; the third floor is VIP VIP reception and roof outdoor small dining and coffee area The production room and the toilet are used for service rooms; the second floor is the equipment interlayer. It has auxiliary equipment such as equipment room, auxiliary office and media production.
Seismic fortification: The seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees.
Fire resistance rating: Second-class construction service life: The construction of the project is a temporary exhibition building, and the usage time is 12 months.
3. Any qualified bidder who is willing to participate in the bidding may appoint an authorized representative to hold a business license, qualification certificate, integrity manual, safety production license, product production or sales license, ISO 9000 series quality management system certificate, performance certificate (contract) Or the notice of winning the bid), the legal representative's power of attorney and the original and photocopy of the identity card (with official seal) bidding.
Registration time: June 17th, 2009, 9:30 am to 11:00 am, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Registration Location: 23rd Floor, Fuli Building, No. 7 Lane 1306, Jiangning Road, Shanghai, China. Purchase of bids: time and place.
Tenderer: Shanghai Shenggan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Seventh Construction Co., Ltd. Tender Agent: Shanghai Oriental Investment Supervision Co., Ltd. Company Name: Shanghai Oriental Investment Supervision Co., Ltd. Contact: Wang Yiping, Liang Hongyuan Tel: 021-62667333- 169 E-mail: Fax: 021-62276543 Postal Code: Address: 23rd Floor, No. 7, Lane 1306, Jiangning Road, Shanghai

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