This car kit can make any vehicle a driverless car is a startup founded by a number of Stanford University artificial intelligence researchers who develop smart kits for traditional cars and turn them into driverless cars through software.

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A few weeks later, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company will begin testing sensor-equipped cars that will be equipped with "deep learning" software, on-board interfaces and displays mounted on the roof to alert pedestrians and other vehicles. The block display can give a reminder when braking, changing lanes or turning. The driverless technology will initially target cars with fixed lines, including car service, shared car and transportation service vehicles. The company has not yet disclosed the system and specific time to market for this price.

Carol Reiley, one of the eight co-founders of, said that communicating with people and other vehicles is key to ensuring that unmanned vehicles are accepted. “We focus on building a new car language to help the car 'express' its own intentions and interact with car owners and outside cars in a complex way. Future cars will communicate transparently with us, they will With its own personality, it can make passengers feel safe and comfortable without a human driver." was founded in 2015 and has raised $12 million to date. Recently, senior auto industry executive Steve Girsky will join the board of Goske is a well-known automotive industry analyst and consultant. He served as the vice chairman of General Motors. During his tenure, he was in the revival of the company's bankruptcy protection. Gosker's knowledge and network in the automotive industry will bring tremendous help to, especially in the future cooperation with auto manufacturers.

Most of the entrepreneurs of's entrepreneurial inspiration came from the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Lab, when they studied the application of deep learning techniques to vehicle systems, including CEO Sammy Tanton ( Sameep Tandon). Just as humans can learn by observation, deep learning algorithms can also use real-world road information to let cars learn to recognize objects and react appropriately.

Tanton said: "Deep learning is the most complex form of artificial intelligence, and the best technology to intelligently respond to various road conditions. We are studying deep learning technology from the early days of the birth of driverless cars. This is truly possible. Unmanned future transportation technology, we can use it to navigate the vehicle and realize the interaction inside and outside the vehicle."

According to a spokesperson for, the company has already begun to engage with some automakers, but has not yet reached a formal cooperation agreement with any of the manufacturers. In April of this year, first conducted a vehicle road test in California.

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