Top 10 advantages of taxi LED display

Top 10 advantages of taxi LED display

Taxi traffic is large, covers a wide range, and operates for a long time. Therefore, taxi-based advertising will weave out the largest outdoor media network in the city. The new taxi LED display screen developed and designed by Shenzhen Zhongjie Technology Co., Ltd. combined with the bright and eye-catching shape of the LED display advertising media, and good communication results not only enable companies and products to maintain their brand image and enhance their visibility in the market for a long time, but also Can cooperate with strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities, so as to achieve the rapid establishment of a brand image for customers, affect consumer purchasing decisions, and create advertising purposes for uninterrupted information prompts.

Taxi ads have the following characteristics:

1. New media platform companies will use advertising to launch on new media platforms and will often do more with less. If they simultaneously cooperate with advertising companies, television, and newspapers together, they will bring more news effects. If the advertiser can create a very positive and positive impression for the first time, and let the audience fall in love at first sight, then the significance is very, very important. Taxi LED display advertising through the vehicle LED control card combined with LED display as a brand new media, will surely arouse great attention of the entire market, have the opportunity to create a sensational effect, access to greater transmission value.

2. The high liquidity of taxi LED display advertising, which is dominated by mobile LED TV display, is the highest frequency among consumers in all outdoor media. In addition, compared with the fixed-line bus body advertising, the promotion scope of taxi LED display advertising is very large, there is no so-called prime location and non-golden section. Taxi will actively look for crowded areas to stay, especially where major events occur, such as concerts, trade fairs, sports venues, hotels, hotels, office buildings and so on.

3. Powerful visual impact The height of the taxi body advertisement is exactly the same as the pedestrian's line of sight. It can spread the advertisement information to the broad masses at close range and achieve the greatest visual opportunity. At the same time, the onboard LED control card can provide a variety of display methods, font size, color, etc., making the ad particularly eye-catching. ?

Keywords: Car LED Display, Taxi LED Advertising Screen Taxi LED Display 4. Low cost, high cost performance According to statistics from market research companies, in the mainstream media in the country, the magazine has the highest average cost per thousand, at 20.8 yuan, followed by television advertising at 20.64 yuan, newspaper advertisement at 10.28 yuan, radio advertisement at 4.43 yuan, and body. Advertising 1.19 yuan, taxi LED advertising is only a few cents. Therefore, in all media, taxis have the lowest average cost per thousand and are most competitive. Taxi advertising can be said to occupy the time and place. Is a veritable "one-point investment, percentage return"!

5. High contact probability and stable contact frequency taxi LED display advertising is one of the most visible outdoor advertising media. People are bound to come into contact with the advertising information we deliver in their everyday life and work. Body ads are the most visible outdoor advertising media. The difference in the number of advertisements released, the regional environment, and the urban area will make the contact frequency of different cities different, but on the basis of the monthly release scale of taxis, it can basically guarantee more than twice a week in the target area. Frequency of contact, as a calculation of a three-month release period, the total contact frequency of the target area can reach more than 24 times, enough to protect its impression of advertising.

6. Super liquidity and elastic potential energy?

Keyword: LED display screen in the car, Taxi LED advertising screen Taxi LED display The most mobile outdoor media form, through domestic and foreign market surveys, in many advertising media, taxi LED display advertising advertising The most effective is the effect. Strong geographic targeting. The mobility of taxi LED display advertising media allows it to target specific venues to disseminate advertising information and achieve advertising purposes.

7. With some obsessive-compulsive psychology, people pay attention to the front and moving objects, especially taxis. This feature makes the promotion of taxi LED display advertising better.

8. The quick update taxi LED display advertising can receive the information from the LED wireless information publishing system center at any time through the on-board LED control card, which is very timely and convenient. There is no distance limit, as long as the mobile network can cover all areas, regardless of distance and location.

9. Responsiveness Taxi advertising can be spread all over the streets in one day. This is an absolute advantage that television, newspapers, radio, outdoor advertising and other media do not have. It is called "live" media. Taxi mobility is large, not limited by the region, and can be shuttled to every corner of the town. It has a deep influence, a wide range, a large audience, and is not limited by time and lines. Portable advertisements can be sent to the general public at any time and place. Passing information is unmatched by other advertisements. Taxi LED display is also particularly convenient for display control of LED display advertising.

10. The cooperation of advertising strategy effectively cooperates with the advertising work of radio wave media (high altitude + ground advertising mode). At the same time, terminals can be connected (sales, supermarkets, restaurants, restaurants, etc.), prompting consumers to purchase, in order to meet local sales. Special operation, unlimited creativity. According to your needs taxi LED display advertising can provide more creative advertising expressions.

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