Vishay introduces 0406 small form factor wide connector film chip resistor

21ic News Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the launch of a new professional and precision series of wide connector thin film chip resistors MCW 0406 AT, these are the first to use such a small size 0406 device.

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Vishay's MCW 0406 AT professional and precision resistors provide stable performance in harsh and high temperature applications. The professional series can operate for 10 hours at a high temperature of 175 ° C and 300 mW at an ambient temperature of 85 ° C. Compared to conventional resistors, the MCW 0406 AT series has a film temperature of 125 ° C or 155 ° C at 70 ° C rated, setting new industry standards in technology and performance.

There is an increasing demand for electronic components capable of handling higher temperatures and higher power. However, as long as the components are installed in places with heat, the electrical heat dissipation of the resistors is greatly reduced due to the allowable film temperature limit, and the high temperature also increases the resistance drift.

The high temperature and high thermal rating of the MCW 0406 AT resistor allows designers to use these devices in harsh and high temperature environments without sacrificing power rating or electrical performance. Whether using all of the power, or achieving better stability, only a fraction of the nominal rated heating power is used, and the effects of these devices are the same.

The MCW 0406 AT Series has excellent high temperature performance, including strong resistance to thermal cycling and high humidity. Thanks to the use of a special paint to achieve high humidity resistance, the device can withstand 2,500 rapid reciprocating changes from -40 ° C to 125 ° C on a 4-layer FR4 printed circuit board. The device is also subjected to similar accelerated aging tests, including 1000 hours at 85 ° C and 85% relative humidity, making it suitable for almost any application. For automotive applications, these resistors will soon pass the AEC-Q200 certification.

The precision series has a TCR as low as ±15ppm/K with a tight tolerance of ±0.1%. The MCW 0406 AT series introduced today has a resistance of 100kΩ to 47Ω.

Samples and production quantities of the new professional and precision resistors are available now, with a typical lead time of five weeks.

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