VR giant Oculus's office is like this

Facebook has not been deterred from showing its own corporate culture and office characteristics. On the contrary, Oculus, which is a giant in the VR world, has always been very low-key. Until recently, Oculus had just displayed their offices in Irvine, California. .

Oculus' space design is similar to that of Facebook, especially with exposed pipes and semi-finished concrete floors, but at the same time, it has more “garage” winds.

The garage door leads to a platform overlooking the park.

In addition to providing meals for three meals a day, the Oculus canteen also has space for relaxation and parties.

Canteen rest area

Do you guess whether the rooms in American Cafe or Macchiato are lounges or meeting rooms?Oculus's staff is very fond of coffee and numbers the office according to the name of the coffee beverage.

However, Oculus only opened the public area to the media, and the work area and game demo were strictly prohibited. Some corridors were equipped with monitors and the word “forbidden area” was used as a reminder.

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