Wenling, Zhejiang: Accelerate the energy saving rate of LED street lights and improve energy saving rate by nearly 52%

"In the past, the street lights on Yiyuan Road were not bright. The street lights that were changed this time were really bright. It is safer for children to go home from school after school." On November 24, Ms. Lin, who lives in Nanping Community, Wenling City, said this. On the same day, the street lamp management office rebuilt the 16-inch street lamp on Yiyuan Road and replaced the original street lamp with LED energy-saving lamps.

It is reported that this year, the street lamp management office will carry out energy-saving renovation of the street lights of many major sections of the city, and will replace the original high-pressure sodium lamps with new energy-saving LED lights. “LED street lamps have low energy consumption, the power saving rate is nearly 52% higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps, and the service life is longer, and the loss of their own power is reduced,” said the director of the street lamp management office.

Since last year, Wenling City has actively promoted the “contract energy management model” and vigorously carried out the promotion and application of LED street lamps. It has been applied to Shiliu Road, Shanglin Road, Qianxi Road, Wanshou Road, Renmin Middle Road, Jinping Road and Wanchang Middle Road. LED street lights have been reconstructed in various sections such as Shuguang East Road. Up to now, a total of 684 street lights have used LED light sources.

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