West Lake lighting engineering renovation took the lights off the tree

For the big tree to loosen, please go home. Yesterday, Sanwan Yinyue, Liulang Wenyu, Gemshan and other scenic spots around the West Lake began to be fully constructed, implementing the “Historical Planning and Design of the Lake Scenic Area in West Lake Scenic Spot in Hangzhou”. It is reported that the improved West Lake Light not only has to fall from the tree to protect it. Grass and wood worms will save more than 30% of electricity consumption throughout the year.

The project will be completed around September 25. During the National Day, citizens can watch the New West Lake lighting scene.

Santan Yinyue tree loosened

There is a big willow tree next to the Sanyin Yinyue South Pier. Yesterday afternoon, four people from the infrastructure construction staff of the West Lake Scenic Area placed a bamboo ladder, climbed the tree, and removed the wires, electric lights and hemp rope around the tree. Under the old money, the tree came, and a 30-cm-long piece of bamboo was knocked into the soil with a hoe. The bamboo piece said: Two trees were cast.

It means that there are two projection lights in this field. Most of the landscape lights of Huxin Pavilion, Sandan Yinyue, West Lake South Line and Lakeside will be under the trees. Chen Fuxiang, chief of the Infrastructure Department of the Lakeside Management Office, said.

The West Lake lights up, the people have always supported, but the way of lighting has been controversial for six years.

In the West Lake lighting project implemented in 2002, many lights were installed on tall trees. The landscape lights were quite large, like a 9-inch small color TV. In order to fix the lamp body, some trees were circled. The lines are tied, and some are even deeply embedded in the bark, because the telephone line itself is not elastic, and the damage to the trees is large. After the bark is injured, the water and nutrients are not supplied, and some trees are even replaced after being used. Rubber rope.

The rubber rope has almost no harm to the growth of trees, but it still brings trouble: there are many squirrels in the West Lake scenic spot, and the rubber rope is easy to be bitten; in addition, the rubber rope will quickly age through the sun and rain, and the staff check that the rubber is up to half a year. The rope will fail.

I have to figure out a good way. At the end of August 2004, the garden department convened experts to conduct a special discussion. After discussion, everyone set their sights on the braided silicone rubber belt. Silicone rubber belt is much better than ordinary rubber rope in anti-aging properties, generally available for 3 years. In order to prevent squirrels from breaking and aging, it is also necessary to use a wire rope to fix the outside without holding the trunk.

The cable connecting the luminaires is secured by a brown rope.

In this way, it is basically possible to balance the healthy growth of trees and trees on the lamps. Experts also recommend a physical examination of the trees every two years. Once the tape or brown rope is found to be tight, the trees are loosened in time.

Expert opinions became the standard for trees on the luminaire. The bundled trees on the gem mountain were all replaced accordingly.

However, in 2005, experts found that the brown rope used to fix the cable often disappeared.

Later, the garden workers saw that the squirrel nest was covered with a half-meter thick brown rope, and the brown rope was pulled by the squirrel to make a nest. The staff laughed and laughed.

Gem Mountain only highlights the ridgeline

Not only in these places, the West Lake landscape lights will be upgraded in the Gem Hill, which the citizens care most about.

In this improvement project, one of the highlights is that the light of the gem mountain will be weakened, no longer the whole mountain lights, weakening the light of the original mountainside, only sketching the ridge trend, a few strokes, looking at the lake, like a freehand Chinese painting Shanshui, the relevant person in charge of the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee told the reporter that the planning experts of Tongji University found that the landscape lights on the gem mountain trees were difficult to land, so they adopted a method of reducing the amount of light.

In the past, many people criticized the nighttime lights that destroyed the rhythm of the plant's biological clock. In the future, such effects will be reduced by a considerable amount.

Plants, like other creatures, have long-term growth and have a distinct growth cycle. Nighttime outdoor lighting of plants can destroy the rhythm of the body clock in the plant, causing its metabolic dysfunction. Especially in the long-term, high-radiation energy plants will weaken the photosynthesis ability of plants, and the leaves or stems will change color or even die.

Nighttime outdoor lighting not only affects plants, but also affects animal and ecological balance. Most animals are quiet at night, and after the glare, the animals cannot fall asleep. Outdoor night lights can attract a large number of insects, and the reduction or increase of an insect affects the ecological balance of a series of plants and animals and even the West Lake scenic area. The management committee staff said that one of the important demands of our lighting improvement project is environmental protection and energy conservation. Please ask the birds to go home.

In order to save costs, some old bulbs will continue to be used for some time. The newly installed West Lake landscape lights basically include three types of energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps and LED lamps. The test found that the 70W metal halide lamp we used was the same as the original 150W metal halide lamp. As a result, the annual energy consumption is expected to decrease by 30%, and the number of lamps can be greatly reduced, which is about 30%. It is conservatively estimated that by replacing 10,000 lamps, the West Lake will reduce 3,000 lights.

There are still many highlights to look forward to

The gem mountain light is weak, but the south line of the West Lake has become brighter. In the case of Liu Langwen, who is in black, there is no lighting except for the Liulang Wenyi archway, the axis greening and some of the trail lights. Therefore, it is imperative to let the park light up. The lighting starts from the entrance plaza of Liulang Wenyu Park, which mainly highlights the sense of depth and allows visitors to walk along the park with the light guide. After the improvement, the lights on the north and south lines of the West Lake will be more harmonious and feminine.

The West Lake Fountain adds a laser water curtain. In the dreamy water mist, the laser projects colored text or patterns, such as the fountain music poster: the next song "Liang Zhu".

During the Chinese New Year, the m tower will change color. LED floodlights are installed under the tower. The lights are red, purple and blue, but they are not visible.

Use the green light to project the poems of Su Dongpo and Bai Juyi onto the gem mountain. You can also laser project the Hangzhou city standard, Hangzhou welcomes you and other texts and patterns. These lights do not need to be installed at the West Lake, but are placed on the battery car, which can be moved flexibly and can be seen on festival days.

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