What can the NFC function of the Bluetooth speaker do?

Children's shoes that have purchased speakers will definitely find that many speakers now have their own NFC function, but what does NFC mean? I am afraid that not many people know. In fact, NFC is no longer a new term. Most of the mainstream smartphones in the market have this feature. What exactly is NFC? How is NFC used? What can the speaker do with NFC?

NFC is a near-field communication technology developed by Philips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), Nokia and Sony, based on RFID and interconnect technology. NFC near-field communication technology is evolved from the integration of contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and interoperability technologies. It combines inductive readers, inductive cards and point-to-point functions on a single chip to be compatible in short distances. The device performs identification and data exchange.

Looked like it is quite esoteric, in fact, it is blunt, the traffic card used every day to work, using NFC technology, you can deduct a light brush, this is the point-to-point data exchange. how about it? I understand enough!

Naturally, mobile phone users can travel all over the country with a mobile phone equipped with a payment function. The mobile phone can be used as an airport check-in verification, a building access key, a traffic card, a credit card, a payment card, etc. The use of NFC has spread to all aspects of life.

For speakers, NFC also makes the use of the speakers more convenient. Especially for parents who don't use a smartphone for Bluetooth connection, they just need to turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone, and gently touch the phone to the side of the speaker, the phone will prompt whether to connect, how? Is it so easy?

Moreover, this little guy still has a memory function, as long as the connection is successful once, it will remember the last successful connection to the device, and it will automatically connect next time. Is this very intimate for lazy insects? Of course, this is only for mobile phones, tablets and other devices with built-in NFC technology. For Apple phones, the NFC function is not used, so Apple users still use the old method, Xiaobian is very helpless!

NFC is a major trend in Bluetooth speakers. It revolutionizes the way traditional speakers experience, and is closer to our lives, solving the needs of many applications. I believe that in the future, the use of NFC on the speakers will become more and more popular!

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