Whether or not the lighting market is niche

Whether or not the lighting market is niche

Regardless of whether it is recognized or not, the market is ultimately niche and, like resources, it is ultimately controlled by minorities. This is axioms, rules of the business community, and rules of nature.

This also explains one kind of argument from the side – all walks of life, business is getting worse and worse. Traditional industries such as catering, clothing, daily chemical, etc., are mostly superficial, but they have a hard time to read inside; emerging industries, such as IT, electronics, communications, etc., have grabbed the limelight, but will The merits are dry. Some people lamented that China’s vast territory is crowded with people and the market is huge. Why is it increasingly difficult to do business? Some people even compare the past with the present. The conclusion is that once the business was as easy as paying money, the current business is as tiring as the money.

Looking at a market is one-sided. Looking at the dynamics of an industry should be able to see some clues. Looking at an ecological change will make people look bright and clear.

Take the electrician lighting industry that we are familiar with as an example. Ten years ago, the business was so hot that although the sales volume was not big now, all the manufacturers lived very moist. Combined with the actual growth rate of GDP and CPI, the sales volume at that time was converted into The present amount is not necessarily much smaller than it is now. Ten years later this year, a large number of people poured in. A large number of manufacturers were dumping, giving people the illusion that this traditional industry is cleaning. This traditional industry is difficult to operate. However, we must combine the original and current ecological environment to analyze, that is to say look at the macroeconomic environment. Ten years ago, the market just needed, the supply and demand relationship needs to be stronger, there are things that cannot be sold, and the point-of-sale marketing methods can reach a high level. , and now the supply and demand relationship for the more powerful, want to buy things worth buying, shouting dice customers just come in and see. When we think of the need for more people, we must also see the fact that many people have increased their productivity.

When a weak and weak supply era transitions to an era of strong manufacturing power, if the business is not difficult to do, it violates the reality. How to make the business work well and the key point is to find ideas in manufacturing.

In the market research, many customers and I talk about too many electrician brands. The lamps and lanterns are also confusing. The customers do not know what brand switch to choose, which lamp to buy, and the new markets around them are rising. It is really big. I asked back, did you have any good ideas? The business of people who can answer this question well is doing very well.

The famous boutique city of Luoyang, Baimei, is one of the most eye-catching customers I have seen. In the boutique city, she has three stores, of which the decoration style of the big shop can be described as unique in the country, and is used by a weak woman. The design ideas he mastered combined with the height of the storefront, the store was built into a small duplex, the main colors of the store also used black that many people did not dare to use, plus the boutique lamps that were carefully selected by the manufacturers, the same lamps The price of the other stores couldn't keep the customers, and the customers were mostly retained once they entered her shop.

On the other hand, most of the lighting stores have little difference in the product, the price does not open up, the style is similar, the method is rough, and the sales are naturally unbearable.

After a small store has been creatively designed, there will be such a big reaction. There are few people who have creative thinking, and people who can put this thinking into reality are even rarer, and it is just such a small amount. The people occupy a great market.

The transition from manufacturing to creation is not merely a difference in appearance and functionality. It is only a matter of momentary thinking, and the idea is consistent. How does the electrician and lighting industry transition to creation? I want to discuss it with everyone in the next issue.

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