Who will be the allied force of the cable network alone?

At the just-concluded second session of the China Network Audiovisual Conference, Liang Xiaotao, general manager of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd., made three consecutive questions: Who is the allied force of the cable network alone? Who is the beneficiary of wired networks alone? Why is it that the television network of the living room has not seen other TV media? General Liang believes that the convergence of television media development should not only be derived from PC-side and mobile-side, but also the Internetization of every node in the entire communication chain. The author tried to answer these questions of General Manager Liang. Please correct me if wrong.

First of all, TV screens are the basis for the survival of television media and the origin of development. As the key node for TV media integration, who has the cable TV on the screen? In fact, it is possible to become a member of the cable television alliance, such as TV manufacturers and box manufacturers. The TV manufacturers' products themselves are used to watch TV, but when watching cable TV, they need a customized non-smart set-top box to isolate it from the wired network, and then the advanced TV can only serve as a cable. The display with a horn actually restricts the development space for TV manufacturers. The so-called television integrated machine that can directly connect to a wired network must be tailored to the technological systems that are closed and chaotic. It also has to be vested interests. Those who pay so-called licensing fees can support cable TV. This obviously is not suitable for mass-produced and rapidly updated televisions that are sold on the market. Therefore, in order to give full play to the nature of watching TV, open and marketable Internet TVs Become the only way out of TV manufacturers. The intelligent set-top box manufacturers, which are the main force of the living room Internet-based group, are even rejected. If such market-oriented products are allowed to support cable television, they will inevitably break the existing interest chain of the wide-area STB and prevent them from entering the cable market. Only keep the closed technology system. Therefore, the only way out for the box camp is to open Internet TV. As a result, these two industries that are most likely to become cable allies with TV screens have recently been compelled to become cable competitors. With the help of these two camps and Internet video sites and licensees, the Internet TV function has become a TV and a box. The standard.

Recently, the Thai letter box, which has gradually attracted attention, is an exception in the public box. It is a smart box that can support both Internet TV and cable TV, and has achieved cross-regional market sales, and many box manufacturers have also interested. According to the Tai-Tsing box, when all boxes are discarded by cable TV, they can be compatible with it, and may cause the follow-up of all box manufacturers to follow suit. To speed up the convergence of television media, it should be an allied army that is welcomed by cable TV, but many people in the industry It is unanimously believed that the Thai letter box hitting the cable set-top box interest group will likely suffer various kinds of pressure and is not optimistic.

In fact, regardless of whether the television network or the telecommunication network, will follow a law, that is, the greater the scale of the network, and the more terminals connected to this network, the greater the value of the corresponding network. This requires interconnection, interoperability, unification of technical standards, and opening of the terminal market. No operator has monopolized all of the networks from the network to the terminal like cable television. For example, telecom networks and the Internet have terminals that can be standardized, standardized, and highly marketable, such as phones, mobile phones, computers, and smart terminals. These terminals that can connect to the network do not require the operator's designation.

Therefore, if cable TV can break the shackles of the closed technology system and unify technical standards, all kinds of terminals with screens may become cable television terminals. These terminal manufacturers may become the allied forces of the cable industry. Analysis of this, the other two issues should also be very clear. The direct beneficiaries of wired networks alone in Wargames are interest groups centered on cable set-top boxes. The basic reason that the living room Internet garrison has no television media is that the closed technology system of the cable TV terminal cannot be integrated with the open Internet. This is also the reason that the interest group with the cable set-top box as the center strongly controls the terminal to oppose the opening.

The answer to Mr. Liang's three questions is the set-top box whose technology is backward and non-market-oriented. The interest groups behind this box have hindered the healthy development of cable television and have pushed the allied forces to the opposite. Now, it has become a roadblock for TV media integration. Therefore, the first true allied force of CATV is to break the closed technology system and help cable TV terminals achieve intelligent and market-oriented industry pioneers.
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