Will not be happy, Meiliang's annual PPT - Lenovo Lenovo ZUK Z2Pro experience

I. Introduction

The ZUK Z2Pro white flagship was purchased on the official website on June 18th. The bare metal 2289 had no gifts. On July 1, it shipped from Wuhan in torrential rain. During one shipment, the replacement address was sent back and the replacement machine issued an address. All of them were in Beijing. On July 7th, they were replaced and served. Z2P was my first Lenovo mobile phone. Of course, I can buy Z2P this time, first of all thanks to one plus three.

Second, shopping experience:

Before I started talking about the Z2P, let me first say politically and correctly, "Dome TM Lai Monkey." This year, the major manufacturers of monkeys and monkeys can be said to be pushing the waves before the Yangtze River. As a result, I think Jia Yueting's pre-sale model is indeed a conscience, but This year's best PPT of the year is still not a Z2P. In April, the May offer was launched in June and June shipment was started. This Z2P flagship monkey, which has no black sale so far, is a no-nonsense person. This year ZUK new machine sales e-commerce platform did not choose Jingdong but chose Suning, Lions Z2P cargo is not much, and his family's seven days no reason you know, basically equal to no, so the final choice of the official website "first money after the goods ”——shut up and take my money! The official website claimed that the choice of logistics was SF on the next day, but the green tape on the package clearly told me that it was called the next day. Although I did not read much, the “times” and “separations” could still be divided. (Although not very happy, but this is a small nonsense, and the official website also has an explanation, not on the map, and the letter has the right to do not believe it is not for reference, the same below) In short, sum up this sentence The shopping experience is: Lenovo, don't even think about it. As of now, the ZUK official website has not yet been opened for purchase, but there is a bonus package to enjoy the version to sell.

Third, appearance, workmanship, quality control

Simple to open a box, bare metal, 2.5V, 1.3A charging head, USB3.0 noodle data cable (not equipped with USB3.1, but not USB2.0), manual, card pin, comes with a Lenovo 500V game recharge Card, no bonus headphones, the so-called "box ratio" is not very high, but a good sense of damping, more should be because the Z2P box is not as low as the Z2 reason.

The front and rear of the phone have double glass panels, anodized metal frame, the texture is not very good, the front opening is not much, the earpiece distance sensor is integrated together, the right front camera, the individual feel better than the current popular white design, the back of the "arch "Design", the back cover feels normal, under the tap, or even produce a kind of plastic is not the illusion of glass, glass material can easily contaminate fingerprints, but relative to the black version of the oil and greasy fingerprint collector, white quite not obvious. From top to bottom are the main camera, dual color temperature flash, heart rate / blood oxygen sensor, there is only one microphone at the top, the bottom is from the left to the right are 3.5mm headphone jack, noise reduction microphone, TYPE-C interface, speakers, no collocation infrared And NFC. The white panel with matt gold, the front is still unsatisfactory, how to look at the side of the border to see how to feel soil, the whole machine does not look particularly delicate, the metal frame gold color reduction points a lot, but the appearance of this thing has always been a matter of opinion, you like it it is good.

Mobile phone Home button raised, ordinary glass material, feel soft, rebound, power, shake the cottage, feel bad, and vibration can only open and close, can not be adjusted. According to netizens' feedback, the degumming phenomenon has not been discovered. Before I saw some people on the Internet said Samsung S7edge Home keys are easy to scratch, handcuffs Nine years ago with Samsung NOTE2 on the nails, the results of four or five years without scratching the Home button let me break the phase, so this time Z2P did not dare to try again. The volume keys, power button feel better than the Home button feel, but unfortunately there will be shaking up and down, but does not affect daily use. After the bright screen, the black control is excellent, but not completely. Look carefully at the left side and the black side will be slightly wider. Turning over the back, there is a gap visible to the naked eye on the side and top of the phone. Inserting an A4 paper is not a problem. Fortunately, these problems are not particularly serious. Glanced at the constitution, two medium, four in the lower, the other is garbage, because the theoretical maximum power difference between the physical power consumption is only 4%, so not too concerned about, and no screenshots.

Based on the above-mentioned workmanship and the fever problem to be discussed below, the replacement was selected within 15 days. During the waiting process, the official forum also broke the event that the consumer received an old mobile phone replacement and was rejected due to a border collision. If you don’t press it, you will feel uneasy in the two or three days. Fortunately, the process was going well and it soon received a replacement. Only—there are seams and seams, the looseness is still loose, and the heat is also hot. None of the problems I mentioned above can be changed. If the physique is not changed from garbage to medium, I really doubt whether it is directly sent back to my mobile phone. If you have to say better than the previous one, the amount can only be said to be easier to open the box. However, this may also make Z2P shipments from Wuhan better than Z2P shipments from Beijing.

There is an episode here. The Z2P factory system version sent from Wuhan in front of it is 1.9.104, and the Z2P factory system version back from Beijing is 1.9.080. The conspiracy theory thinks about it, and the exchange rate is very fast. , And the later version number of the system is lower than the first, during this period the official website has been out of stock, probably only two possibilities, or Lenovo 捂 disk reluctant sellers, monkey marketing, goods do not sell, or change in exchange for the return are It is a problematic return.

Z2P ç‘•ç–µ should mainly be a workmanship issue, but not like the Meizu charm blue note, MX4Pro sample control is too rubbish, the problem is many but not serious, but the slogan will be happy to call out, but it makes users unhappy everywhere. It is not a good thing for ZUK and Lenovo who are looking forward to turning over.

Fourth, the screen

Touching every day, friction at all times, the screen is the face of the phone, body is so ugly, you can not stop. Originally selected Z2P did not buy one plus three, a very important reason is the screen, Z2P this Samsung A screen color temperature is very positive, 5.2 inch 1080P fine enough, do not see the fruit, the front panel 2.5D glass arc 360N4 So exaggerated, but it is not a good film, the HD film comes from the factory a bit narrower than the screen, posted a good, very easy to contaminate fingerprints, and other not much to say, directly on the comparison chart.

Note2, Z2pro, nexus5, MX4Pro, red rice note3 contrast


Regular monkeys, fortunately for the first time, is a regular one. ZUI 2.0, which was declared never to get stuck in the April conference, hasn’t been pushed in early July after nearly three months. I don’t know that for ZUK and Lenovo, it’s released. Is not equal to the project. In short, the next experience is based on ZUI 1.9.XXX. After the system version is updated, I will update it briefly. In addition, the students who are still in the official Z2 Brush Pack still die.

PS: Z2 was just playing here, but the more you beat, the better.

The first impression given by ZUI is somewhat simple. You can change the wallpaper, you can not change the theme, flat style, self-drawn icons, compared with other domestic excellent rom, eat ugly. After a period of use, I feel that the ZUI function is relatively complete, security center, application center, file management, long press Home key lock screen, double-click light screen, screen color temperature adjustment, fingerprint lock and other popular features are equipped with , but there are some regrets for missing notes. The detailed usage of the remaining memory and battery power should be viewed in developer options. It is not convenient. The factory software is often replaced with third-party software, comes with QQ, QQ reading, QQ music, high German map, Alipay, Youku, today's headlines and other applications, with Sogou input method, their own green tea browser, the vast majority of free download. The installation application can be automatically processed by the system. The application center's flash of black and yellow “Congratulations on getting rich” is still very difficult to reach on the tall side. There is still a considerable distance between the number of applications in the app store, and the application is reviewed and unapproved. Risk warning, but does not support the download of other home application markets. Security Center is the best one that I think comes from the factory. The function is complete. The following is the operation log of the function module. Since the Kai management can basically kill the domestic gourd dolls, it is very easy to use.

Right-click on the homepage to enter the U-Health page, which can record current exercise steps and roughly consume calories in real time. There are some differences between third-party applications such as WeChat sports records (approximately 500 steps out of 4,000 steps, fewer third-party records, and a difference after upgrading 2.0). About one hundred more steps), heart rate and blood oxygen detection is not fast, the failure rate after wearing a protective cover is very high, presumably because the finger can not completely fit the sensor, resulting in gaps, but the problem is not great, because in addition to the first day of fresh After that, I basically never used this feature.

Call out the notification from the top, call out the shortcut switch on the bottom, and call out the global search on any part of the middle. The design of the quick switch should be considered for one-handed optimization, but to prevent inadvertent touch in the game or outgoing input keyboard In the state, it is necessary to call out the shortcut switch to make two trips, but the actual measurement is not met here is met there, the success rate is not high. Some applications use the lock screen in the open state. Sometimes double-clicking the screen fails, and the fingerprint application lock is invalid on the MXPlayer. Many third-party software did not immerse the status bar. Some of the immersed status bar's power signals did not change color with the status bar. It was difficult to identify the image. The following figure was stolen from Baidu Post Bar users.

ZUI is still immature

On the whole, ZUI is clear and concise without advertisements, smooth and smooth, occasional BUG, ​​and basic functions, but it has not been digging. Compared to ADUI, Bugme and other front-line Rom and ZUI have features and deficiencies, but the style is not obvious and there is still a long way to go.

Small BUG

Small BUG

Small BUG

Ps: hope the stars hope the moon finally looked forward to the ZUI2.0 update, 2.0 features not much new, just add a long screenshot, try it feel better; status bar bug has been resolved, U health data is also more accurate , Another 2.0 shielded the software to see the body of the God of cannons, it seems that contact and ZUK do not have confidence in their own 820 physique.

Fifth, the camera

The Z2P is poorly photographed, but it doesn't seem to say anything except for the hardware configuration. The overexposed photos can be connected around the earth for three rounds, and the focusing speed is slow enough to make people wonder if this is the phase focus. It's good to have a stolen one and throw it below.

Look at the sky

Ps: After updating 2.0, the focusing speed has been greatly improved, but there has been a problem with photo jitter...

Six, U-Touch

U-Touch is Z2P's most ambitious configuration, and is also the biggest motivation to purchase Z2P. In this year's Meizu configuration is not to force, I almost because of U-Touch and narrow border two points and the Z2P as a substitute for Meizu Products, distressed boss a second.

Touch Back, double-click to exhale multitasking, swipe left or right to switch between applications (even if the application exits), long press and long touch, and you can customize them except tap to return. U-Touch is almost useless in function. Picky, the shortcomings are as described above, mainly concentrated in the feel and vibration, is almost a thousand yuan machine level. U-Touch really is very easy to use after getting started, as different from the three King Kong key differentiation options, I think the ZUK mobile phone is the biggest selling point, worth intensive cultivation. what? You ask me wet hands to unlock? Ha ha……

Sixth, charging, heating, frequency reduction, battery life

Although the use of Snapdragon 820, but Z2P does not meet the QC3.0 fast charging standard, standard 5.3V, 2.5A charging head, according to a KOL test the actual charging power 11W, and change to other fast charging head does not speed up the charging speed . About 60% of the half-hours are measured, about 80% in one hour, and about 1 hour and 40 minutes in full. Turbulence is very slow. The body has a fever when charging. You said that it is not a fast charge, and it is barely enough. You said that it is a fast charge. This speed has long been thrown at home by fast-charging this year.

There is almost no frequency limit in use, and the quad-core full-blood runs at all times, but unfortunately it is not lasting (-- is it because of the man?), from the point of view of the run, the five-minute chick simulator (arcade ) Afterwards, it will be reduced from 820 to 650 immediately. Even if you do not play games, the same heat is evident in everyday use. Downloads, videos, and sometimes even the brush can feel hot, it will not be hot, that is, can obviously feel the heat, the air-conditioned room can not hold back the kind of heat mainly Focus on the back of the camera around, it affects the experience, think of the Z2 known as the hottest 820 mobile phones, this pot should be dumped to the internal structure design.

PS: After the update of ZUI2.0, the heat condition has been significantly improved. Although after a long game, it will still be hot, but the daily use of heat is almost gone, and what black technology was used in the heat prophet? Frequency Limit - - However, ZUI did not limit the frequency to the big core, but limited the frequency to the two small cores. Even if running points, the two small core 1.5zg only lasted for 6 seconds. Most of the situations in the program are Running at 960M, personally feel that this frequency limit is still worthy of recognition, fever is much better than before, tried several games and did not feel the obvious Caton dropped frame phenomenon.

Thanks to the 5.2-inch "small screen" AMOLED, the Z2P is still plentiful. Moderately heavy use of the screen takes about five hours. It includes stickers, videos, games, GeekBench, music, etc. WiFi takes most of the time. It can be a day's rush, but some people say that 4G diabetes collapse, not a complete test. What makes me surprised is the software power consumption. The US Mission's software, which is not linked to the back-end software, actually consumes more power than the tribal conflict.

Seventh, summary

If you like the small screen flagship, this year in addition to Z2P in the domestic machine almost has no choice, it sounds good, Z2P gives the overall impression is balanced, in addition to taking pictures outside the short board is not too short, that is not good to mediocrity In addition to taking pictures, each aspect seems to be good, but compared with competing products, there are no prominent areas in every aspect. If one of the buttons on the screen, the pelt camera, the home button that cannot be pressed is changed, or the mint gold version is available, or if it can drop 200 out of 4+32, I will not wait. Z2P was chosen for such a long time. There is simply no perfect mobile phone in the world. The blue-and-green phone makers are not prepared for people like me. The Meizu have begun to sell their faces. There are no borders in the music generation, and there is no sense of presence in Huawei's ancestral black borders. 360 has not yet a flagship, the most balanced monkey rice has hit a knife in ram, S7E can not afford anything, can not afford to buy, although the front said so many problems, but bought Z2P, I do not regret it.

In this year's Meizu high price with low selling work, choose Z2P, there is a bit of Meizu alternatives, but also the price of 2000-2500, when the MX4 Pro has been criticized but very willing to pile, more 2K screen, Hifi module, even the keys are also more than Z2P, MX4Pro is only destroyed in the design and a baseband. Zealer only has one to use. The white evaluation definitely does not recommend purchase. Rice and love are even not mentioned. Only the younger brother Z2 is measured. There are not many accessory styles available on a certain treasure. The feeling of Z2P and accessories manufacturers waiting to see is still niche, and the focus of publicity is mostly on the eggs. Z2P made a general increase of 300 yuan in domestic mobile phone prices this year. The charging head, NFC, infrared, and vibration motors are all shrinking. The cost of the sensor, which may count the itch point, is good. The camera's hardware is good. However, if the photograph is overexposed, it's too late to see it. I really don't know if this year's US conscience is conscience or bad heart. - It is not happy.

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