Xinjiang Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Industry Alliance Formally Established

Recently, the first Xinjiang VR Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality Application Exhibition was held in Xinjiang Software Park in Urumqi. At the same time, Xinjiang Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Industry Alliance was formally established. This alliance will effectively promote the development of Xinjiang's virtual technology industry. On the third floor of Xinjiang Software Park, citizen Wang Qiang is experiencing the latest AR technology. "It feels magical. After wearing this spectacles, it looks like a computer. It can use its own fingers to complete a series of operations and enjoy the convenience of technology for our lives. I think it might happen later. Full promotion, I am looking forward to it." VR and AR began to be known in 2016. Industry experts said: “VR is a virtual reality, which means you see only virtual images, you can't see the outside world. And AR is the basis for superimposing these images on reality. At first, it means that you can see the outside world first, and then you can see the superimposed image. It is actually augmented on the basis of reality, so it is called augmented reality." At present, VR and AR technologies have begun to be applied in some industries and have greatly improved work efficiency. “Some of the key applications such as security, can greatly improve efficiency; medical, it can solve some problems that can not be solved at ordinary times. For example, experts are not in the local, can guide some important surgery or training; inspection, is aimed at many industries , such as oil, electricity, petrochemical, etc. These corresponding inspections, as well as logistics, etc., it will have more and more applications, can generally improve the efficiency of 30% to 50%, and will be very accurate, to avoid mistakes ." The Xinjiang Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Industry Alliance initiated by Xinjiang Dayu Interactive Software Technology Co., Ltd. will effectively promote the virtual technology industry in Xinjiang. The company’s head Qiao Jie said: “Initiating this industry alliance is also thinking better for Xinjiang. The virtual reality industry has made some contributions, because in today's virtual reality, including the AR and VR applications, the industry is also more extensive, and after that there has been a great change in working life, we also want to embrace the company and share the resources. The technology is also shared as a pusher for Xinjiang AR and VR." VR will continue to pay attention to and report on the dynamics of virtual reality and augmented reality in all parts of the country. Stay tuned.